3 best Minecraft Servers with Herobrine

Minecraft has a huge running legend about a character called herobrine which has been around since the early days of the game, and is still going strong. Herobrine was a mysterious character who looked like Steve, but with white glowing eyes.

Today there are many servers where people play together while looking for signs of Herobrine – or just bragging about how scared they were when they saw him! This article lists the top three Herobrine servers in Minecraft right now.

The best Minecraft servers with the spooky Herobrine

3) PurplePrison

IP address: purpleprison.org

In the world of Minecraft, there are thousands of servers to choose from. While many fall short of expectations, PurplePrison is a popular choice that has been around for years and continues to grow.

PurplePrison is a prison server with quite a few features: PvP, minigames, gambling and many other impactful mods. The community ranges from experienced players looking for something challenging to new players looking for guidance on the various mechanics of the game. So whether you’re just starting out or playing since beta, this server has something for you!

You may be wondering, where does Herobrine get into this? Well, this server has been around since the early stages of Minecraft and has seen quite a bit of horror. A large number of players up to 2022 have reported sightings of a weird creature that looks like Steve but disappears before they can get a good look and strangely enough, tons of cursed activity seems to be happening on this server.

These cursed activities consist of things like players randomly seeing tons of crazy text and images on their screen, or even just the server that seems to go to night for just a second before turning back into day. These things sound kind of crazy, but it would be even crazier if you experienced it for yourself in the game!

2) DarksCorner

IP address: play.darkcorner.net

youtube cover

The server DarksCorner is a huge Minecraft server created by the extremely popular YouTuber Dark Corners that has nearly 3 million subscribers. The YouTuber gained huge popularity years ago making documentary-style videos about all the Herobrine sightings in Minecraft. These videos have received tens of millions of views and he is known as one of the most credible sources on the subject.

DarksCorner is one of the best Minecraft servers with Herobrine for a number of reasons. For starters, it has a large player base and dedicated staff who work hard to make sure everything runs smoothly. The server has several game modes to choose from, including Survival, Creative, and One Block, which are some of the most popular.

It also has a variety of plugins that enhance your gameplay experience and help you move around more easily. Finally, DarksCorner has taken strong anti-mourning measures so that no one can mess up your build or steal your items without permission.

An insane amount of incredible events have been seen on this server, with evidence on YouTube. Herobrine is one of the least crazy things seen on this server with some people claiming to have witnessed Slenderman as well. You might think that the player just saw an enderman, but you will be able to find pictures of what people have seen online and it can be very odd. Join the server now and you might be able to see this for yourself.

1) Herobrine

IP address: herobrine.org

This is the #1 herobrine server (Image via Mojang)
This is the #1 herobrine server (Image via Mojang)

This server is just called Herobrine, and it’s a great server to play, with lots of cool people and events on it. The lobby map is also huge – you can explore it as much as you want, with tons of parkour options and cool builds featuring Herobrine.

Herobrine is a Minecraft minigame server that has been around for a very long time. It is one of the largest servers, with a constant average of over 1000 players, with game modes such as survival, skyblock, factions and even bedwars. This is one of the biggest bedwars servers, right behind Hypixel in terms of content and how fun the game is.

This is an extremely old server, created from the herobrine myth and structured into a really great server for all players. If you’re someone who plays the cracked version of Minecraft, you can join in here, something not many servers allow.

Tips and Tricks for Minecraft Herobrine Servers


You have to be careful on these servers, although Herobrine’s existence has not been confirmed, it is still a very scary creature. These servers should allow you to play without any problems, and Herobrine will not be able to track you.


Whoever you decide to trust may turn around and stab you in the back. So make sure you have absolute faith in the people you decide to befriend, or bring your own friends to play with.


If you don’t have Minecraft and are looking for servers like this, look up these servers online and you will find tons of videos. If you like the servers after watching all the reviews and videos, it might be time to buy a copy of the game.

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