5 Final Fantasy undead bosses to fight on Halloween

Final Fantasy has many bosses that could easily fit into a Halloween gathering. However, the focus of today’s article is on the undead bosses in the franchise. There are quite a few lurking, but most of them can be defeated by players. Be it iconic or ridiculous, battles with these undead bosses are always quite interesting to encounter.

Undead battles are a staple of the fantasy genre. Something about the dead rising to fight again fits perfectly into games like FF. Whether it’s random encounters, or massive, terrifying bosses, undead enemies will almost always lurk in one way or another.

From the grandfather of undead combat in FF1’s Lich to the vast majority of late game Final Fantasy X bosses, undead combat is in almost every Final Fantasy game in one form or another. With the Halloween season just days away, here are five fascinating encounters with undead across the Final Fantasy franchise.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of the writer.

5 fascinating undead bosses in Final Fantasy

5) Gi Nattak (FF7)

One of the most emotional moments in Final Fantasy VII ends with a battle with the undead Gi Nattak. Found in the Cave of the Gi, Gi Nattak is the ghost of the tribe that attacked Cosmo Canyon in the game’s lore. This led to a battle with the tribe of Red XIII, with the party member at first thinking that his father fled the battle like a coward.

Like many undead encounters, Final Fantasy VII’s Gi Nattak can be defeated easily enough. The Life spell has a chance to fail, so throw an X-Potion, Elixir, or Megalixir and it dies in one fell swoop. There’s no reason to deal with Soul Fires first or anything like that. Just beat it in one fell swoop.

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After this battle, Nanaki (Red XIII) learns that his father was a hero and that he died fighting instead of fleeing as he always believed. It was a very important plot point for Nanaki’s overall growth as a character.

4) Phantom Train (FFVI)

This is an interesting boss fight! Final Fantasy VIs Phantom Train is a dungeon, territory, and boss fight at the same time. The Phantom Train is a sentient spirit that leads the dead to the other side. The party is on the train after a walk through the Phantom Forest. It was the only way to progress and find a way back to the rest of the party.

As the only undead boss in the game, he can be easily defeated by simply throwing a Phoenix Down at it. However, this is home to one of the best moments in the game. Sabin can use his Suplex blitz on it, hoist the train and knock it to the ground. Most players do that before they one-shot the boss.

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It is also a moment of tragedy and loss for the heroes. Cyan’s wife and child board the train before heading to the waterfall. The party will have to wait for him to take his time and process the grief before moving on.

3) Gerogero (FFVIII)

While on the Galbadian Train in Final Fantasy VIII, players will meet ‘President Vinzer Deling’, the Galbadian president, and compete with ‘President Vinzer Deling’. However, this is fake and after fighting him for a while, he reveals his true form, the undead Gerogero.

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Unsurprisingly, he can be instantly defeated with life spells, but players may not want to do that right away. He has four spells you can draw, and if you don’t have them, it might not be a bad idea to do it now.

However, he also causes a lot of status ills, so keep that in mind before spamming Draw from him.

It’s worth noting that he was censored in the North American version of the game. The boss is rather grotesque and his internal organs are clearly visible. In the original version of the game, his organs were red, but the developers changed them to blue for North America. This was perhaps to make it less clear what they were.

2) Soul Cage (FFIX)

The Source of the Mist That Makes the World of Final Fantasy IXSoulcage is an undead tree. That’s right, an undead tree. It’s not really a tree, but it’s shaped like a tall, undead tree. A huge entity, it has lived for nearly a thousand years and cannot lie either. He also revealed some interesting plot points in the game, making it a very important meeting.

Interestingly enough, a Phoenix Down doesn’t kill Soulcage in one fell swoop. It will reduce it to 1 HP, and you must deal the final, deadly blow. Conversely, if you cast Life or use an Elixir, it kills this boss in one fell swoop.

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If you choose to fight with him, he’s prone to Bio, which is interesting to see in an undead battle. If you try to use fire on him, he will fail, so use Blizzara or Thundara instead.

However, according to Garland, the version of Soulcage fighting the party is just an illusion. Soulcage wants to stop the flow of souls into Gaia and replace them with Souls of Terra. This would transform Gaia into Terra and prevent Gaian souls from being reborn, thanks to the Mist.

1) Scarmiglione (FFIV)

Scarmiglione, known in America as Milon, was the first of the four devils against which Golbez mounted Cecil in Final Fantasy IV. Players had to fight him twice, the first as a cloaked figure accompanied by an army of zombies. Then, after crossing the bridge at Mount Ordeals, he claws his way back into his true form – Milon Z. In the original version, it was just Scarmiglione both times.

While you can use Cure magic on him, it’s worth noting that he’s one of the few undead bosses you can’t instantly kill in the Final Fantasy franchise. You have to fight it out with him. Plus, it’s a Back Attack, so he’ll probably hit first and hit hard.

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Interestingly enough, Scarmiglione was not respected by Cagnazzo, Barbariccia or Rubicante. They felt he was too weak and not worthy of being one of the four Elemental Archfiends. He also appeared in several other games, especially as a boss in Final Fantasy XIV.

These are far from the only ones Final Fantasy undead bosses, yes. Not all undead bosses can be defeated right away, which makes them quite an exciting aspect of this RPG Franchise. These are just some of the most interesting when it comes to design and placement.

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