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Overwatch 2 ends its first week with about 10 million players coming into the game, so it’s safe to say it’s going to be just as famous as its predecessor. The fact that it is free to play should also lead to a significant increase in player numbers over time, and with so many different heroes to choose from, gamers will no doubt remain entertained.

Speaking of heroes, the entire cast of playable characters returns from the original game to Overwatch 2, with many getting some form of rework. Widowmaker is one such character that has undergone two minor changes, but her equipment remains largely the same.

In this guide to Overwatch 2, I’ll be looking at Widowmaker’s abilities and changes and how to unlock her as a playable character. If you’re new to the game, this guide might be what you’re looking for to get an idea of ​​how Widowmaker works in Overwatch.

How to unlock Widowmaker in Overwatch 2

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Widowmaker does not need to be unlocked in Overwatch 2, as she can be easily selected as a playable hero from the get-go. New players can access 15 heroes early in the game, including the Elite shooter, although learning to use the character efficiently is a different story.

Widowmaker is a sniper and works a little differently from other heroes, so you have to use your early game time by practicing in the training simulation. Hopefully after this guide you will have a better understanding of the character.

Widowmaker’s class and skills:

Widowmaker's capabilities (Image via Activision Blizzard)
Widowmaker’s capabilities (Image via Activision Blizzard)

Widowmaker is a damage class hero and she is a powerhouse when it comes to dealing damage in a single hit. Her sniper rifle is capable of: one shot lots of heroes, and her role hasn’t changed much in the new iteration.

One change has been made to her health pool, which has increased from 175 to 200 hit points. In Overwatch 2, Widowmaker also gains her passive class, which gives her a boost in movement and reload speed after eliminating a target.

Below is a list of all the skills Widowmaker possesses:

widow kiss: This is Widowmaker’s primary attack skill, where she uses her iconic rifle to shoot enemies. It comes with two fire modes: an automatic firing mode which is good for close range and a rechargeable long range sniper shot to shoot enemies from a distance.

Grab hook: Widowmaker uses her grapple to fire a hook and zip up almost any mountable surface or ledge.

Venom my: This ability launches a poison trap, which explodes when an enemy hero is within 3 meters. The explosion inflicts poison damage for more than 5 seconds and during this time the enemy is visible to Widowmaker, warning her of their presence.

Infrasight: Widowmaker uses her iconic goggles in her ultimate ability, allowing her and her entire team to view enemy heroes across any surface. The ability lasts for 15 seconds, which is long enough to perform a great surprise attack.

Those were all the skills Widowmaker can use in Overwatch 2. Read on for a quick rundown of tips and a few pointers on how to best use this deadly sniper on your squad.

Tips for Widowmaker:

Widowmaker targets (Image via Activision Blizzard)
Widowmaker targets (Image via Activision Blizzard)

As a sniper, Widowmaker is best deployed by leaning back into the action and picking off targets from a distance. The Widow’s Kiss can deal 2.5x damage on a critical hit, making her the highest single shot damage hero in Overwatch 2. However, you should rely more on charging shots rather than fast ones.

Use Venom Mines to secure your position so that you are quickly alerted if someone flanks you. Grappling Hook is a great way to escape from enemies that suddenly come at you, as Widowmaker is relatively defenseless up close.

Widowmaker’s ultimate ability can be used to gain the upper hand, as knowing the enemy’s movements will allow you to set up a team ambush or line up shots at enemies coming out of cover. Positioning is essential when playing as an elite sniper, so make sure to get high in the ground as often as possible.

And that’s all you needed to know about Widowmaker in Overwatch 2. Did you find this guide helpful? If so, why not leave us a like or a comment below? You can let us know what other guides or features you would like to see on the site. Stay tuned for more information about Overwatch 2 and have a nice day!

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