Azamgarh police arrest youth for killing and beheading ex-girlfriend

On 20 November Azamgarh Police solved the mystery behind the brutal murder of a young woman whose decapitated body was found in a well in Pashchim Patti village in Azamgarh district of Uttar Pradesh. The body was found on November 16 and the police have now arrested the ex-boyfriend of the deceased, identified as Prince Yadav, in the case.

According to the police, 24-year-old Prince strangled Aradhana Prajapati, 22, a resident of Ishaqpur village. His cousin Sarvesh was also involved in the murder. The duo dismembered the body and threw it into the well on November 10. The police found the head of the dead body 6 km away from the well. The police say in a statement that Aradhana and Prince had a relationship. However, she was married off by her family to someone else in February this year.

The police have also detained two maternal uncles, cousins, siblings and aunts for plotting to kill Aradhana. Two of them have been booked for harboring the alleged killers. As of now, all family members have been reported as absconding. A monetary reward of Rs 25,000 has been announced on Sarvesh.

On November 19, Prince was arrested by the police. He was later formally arrested after an encounter when he tried to escape while taking the investigating officers to the pond to recover the head. According to the police, he allegedly pressured the victim to break up her marriage.

The police detained Prince on suspicion and during interrogation he confessed to the crime. Superintendent of Police Anurag Arya told Times of India: “After his confession, on Sunday, a team took him to the pond, four miles from Paschim Patti village, where he had dumped the head and weapons used to hack Aradhna’s body . When the police team searched for evidence, Prince found a country-made revolver, which he had hidden in an adjacent field, and tried to escape after opening fire on the police.

He added that police personnel opened fire in defense. Prince suffered bullet wounds in his leg and was hospitalized. Aradhana’s father, Kedar and brother, Sunil, identified the remains and confirmed that it was Aradhana.

Aradhana was married off when Prince was in Gulf

During the investigation, the police discovered that there had been an affair between Prince and Aradhana for the past two years. Prince wanted to marry her. However, he got a job in a Gulf country and left. In February 2022, Aradhana’s family married her off to another person. When Prince returned, he learned of her marriage. He approached Aradhana and tried to force her to break up her marriage, but she refused. Police said that after her refusal, he conspired to kill her.

On November 9, Prince approached her again and asked her to come with him, but she refused. On November 10, he convinced Aradhana to meet him at a nearby temple. They prayed in the temple and had lunch in a restaurant. Later, he took Aradhana to his maternal uncle’s house in Pashchim Patti village.

SP Arya said she was strangled to his maternal uncle. Prince and his cousin Sarvesh decapitated the dead body and chopped it up to hide its identity. He said, ‘They chose a well, which is covered with bushes and is in a lonely place to dump the hands, legs and torso. The head and used weapons were dumped in a pond four miles away.”

In a statement, Aradhana’s brother, Sunil, said that Prince’s sister called her and asked to join her for a temple visit. Aradhana used to stay with Prince’s sister. When she did not return for a week, they notified the police. “When I look at the clothes and slippers found, it looks like it’s my sister’s dead body,” he said.

The body was found on November 15

Aradhana’s dead body was found it in a well on November 15, but immediate identification could not take place due to the missing head. Police discovered chopped hands, legs and body from a well on Durvasa-Gahaji Road in Azamgarh district of Uttar Pradesh.

At the time, SP Arya said forensic experts and the dog squad had been called and senior officers were also investigating the incident. Other evidence was also collected at the scene after the mutilated body was recovered

According to media reports, some local residents alerted the police after noticing the body in a well about 150 meters away from Pashchim ka Pura village. After receiving information, Araula Police arrived at the sport and reported the incident to Azamgarh authorities.

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