Destiny 2 players are not happy with this year’s Festival of the Lost 

Destiny 2: Festival of the Lost has had a lot of bumps since its arrival on October 18th. Bungie’s take on Halloween doesn’t seem to be well received by the community, as opening day itself prevented individuals from playing the introductory quest.

While the quest bug was fixed a few hours after the event launched, some players this year are unhappy with the rest of the features on the Festival of the Lost. Just to name a few, Bungie introduced one Haunted Sector after nearly a year, setting annoying timers and restrictions on each run.

The community took to multiple social media platforms to address their complaints, with Bungie addressing some of them.

Destiny 2: Festival of the Lost 2022 didn’t catch on for the majority of the community

Bungie kept tight-lipped about Destiny 2: Festival of the Lost until the last minute, which turned out to be the same as last year’s Haunted Sectors. However, with one additional lost sector in the pool, the new player content this time is the Mechabre sniper rifle and the Mecha themed ornaments.

On the plus side, the new Sniper sound is 10/10

Bungie has also implemented this year’s Solstice Event Card, which is free for all players. Despite some new additions, the community found the grind too repetitive. In addition, this year’s Haunted Sectors have been reported to have a lot of bugs compared to 2021.

Mixed thoughts on the Festival of the Lost so far. – Main quest is bugged (under investigation)- Haunted Sectors with the same bugs as last year- New Sniper god roll for free, killing the grind- Upgraded Event Card shader Guardian Games theme

@DestinyBulletn Don’t dig. No new lore to chase. They should have pulled out the 2 older car guns and gave us 2 more new guns to chase. And added as 3 new benefits never seen before. There should be mods on vacation. Armor sets must have ornaments or glow that you can unlock.

Okay, I think Festival is really bugged and non-progressive: – It eats your spectral pages automatically – when you start a mission it says “All spectral pages manifest” all the time – so you end up not manifesting any for completed pages or quest progression

Bugs happen, fine, whatever, but I think I’m a lot more annoyed with the 60-90 second pause during Lost Sectors after you kill enough Headless Ones, which was such an obvious problem last year and I CAN’T believe it is not solved

I went and did a full attack to get new pages and it still did this a second time so I don’t know a way around it either, Horror Story and Braytech don’t get the new origin feature great everywhere

Players have also reported missing Origin Traits from weapons like Horror Story and Braytech Werewolf, which were recently fixed. The initial quest bug also took away a player’s one Spectral Pages from their stocks, while giving nothing in return.

@PaulTassi I was about to tweet the last one. Also, the game took away all my spectral pages, even though it says they have all turned into manifest pages now that I can’t continue the quest😐

As these issues have been addressed over time, community anger and disappointment persist over the new skin of last year’s activity. As things stand, player expectations of the company are getting lower every season.

great news everyone, the Event Card exclusive shader is terrible!

The only positive feedback from players was about the new Destiny 2 Mechabre Sniper Rifle, which can be obtained through the introductory quest.

Known bugs and features that players are not happy with

Some major bugs that prevented the player base from playing the game include the following:

  • The preliminary search lingered.
  • Event Card Shader bugged.
  • Spectral Pages cannot be obtained in some cases.
  • Origin Trait does not appear on Horror Story.
  • The target number of Headless Ones does not appear in one run.
  • Weekly premiums give half the amount of Bright Dust.

Here are some notable features that players aren’t happy about:

  • Waiting time between killing ten Headless Ones and boss spawns.
  • Gilded triumph because it is based on RNG.
  • Same activity as last year with bugs and issues.
  • The number of Headless kills a player can get in a run is limited.

Destiny 2: Festival of the Lost 2022 will run for three weeks until November 8.

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