Famous Film Superbad Details and Overview

The Superbad movie is a famous American comedy movie created and directed by Greg Mottola and was released in 2007 on the 17th of August. The film consisted of a very successful star cast and a very promising storyline which made it very successful people in today’s days are also very insisted and happy to watch the movie on any platform on which it is available. The film made its in the United States of America and was made with a budget of somewhere near 20 million US dollars. They recovered the budget very well by receiving positive reviews from the critics and successful reviews from the audience.

Superbad Storyline

Storyline and Plot of the film Superbad

The storyline and Plot of the Superbadmovie were something which made it very interesting and successful for the viewers as the storyline was related to two High School seniors who were different and dependent on each other and were forced to deal with separation anxiety after their plan of staging a party goes viral. Seth and Evans were very close friends and will navigate the last days in high school. The popular kids gave an invitation to a party to help their friends lubricate the party very successfully and be much more famous while leaving high school. The guest list of the party was also very suspicious and different. The film became very successful for its comic nature and storyline.

Superbad Cast

Characters and Cast of the film Superbad

The Superbad movie consisted of a very successful star cast, and the characters and actors were very exceptional in the movie. Jonah Hill played the lead character of Seth in the Movie Superbad. Casey Margolis represented the character of Young Seth. Michael Evan represented the character of Evan. Christopher Mintz-Plasse played the role of Fogell. Bill Hader represented the character of Officer Slater. Seth Rogen played the character of Officer Michaels. The characters of Jules and Becca were represented by Emma Stone and Martha MacIsaac, respectively. These were the major characters of the film. Apart from this, recurring characters were also important in the film.

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Superbad Development

Development and Production of the film Superbad

The development of the film Superbadbegin began in the 1990s when the writer did the first writing of the series during his team days. Due to that situation, the character was also finalized to be a team character. According to an interview of the writer in 2009, the story was based on his real-life High School story, and the scripting of the movie took nearly seven years for its completion in 2000. The series’ filming began in 2006 and was finalized in 2007 for its release on the 17th of August 2007. The major production house of the film has been Columbia pictures and the Apatow company.

Superbad Critics

Critical Response and Box Office Collection of the film Superbad

The Superbad movie received a very positive review from not only the viewers but also the critics gave a very positive review to the film. The movie received an 87% rating on the Rotten Tomatoes website and an average rating of critics of 7.4 out of 10, which was very exclusive. The film also received then IMDb rating of 7.6 out of 10 with nearly 6 Lakh votes which was also very exclusive for a movie like this. The movie was made at a budget of 20 million US dollars and successfully collected 171 million US dollars at the box office, turning it into a super hit blockbuster. The audiences loved the storyline of the movie and how the comedy structure of the movie was so perfect that it made such good collections at the box office.

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Superbad Filming Locations

Exclusive Filming Locations covered by the film Superbad

The Superbad movie covered exclusive filming locations, and most of the shooting happened in Los Angeles in 2006. The important exterior shots of the high school film in the famous high school of El Segundo. The scenes which were taken place in the mall were shot in Fox Malls, which is situated in California. The convenience store’s shooting at the start of the movie was shot in Culver City. The liquor store was situated in the Glendale region of California. Apart from this, the film covered beautiful locations of California for its natural scenes and became very successful for its filming. The film received very successful ratings for its filming location as well as it covered a lot of filming locations at a very low budget as well.