Five best GTA 5 car mods that are stunning to look at

Mods can do great things in Grand Theft Auto titles, and GTA 5 is no exception. Over the past nine years, the game has built a thriving and ever-expanding modding community that has created mods to suit each player’s preferences.

Vehicle mods are in high demand among gamers, and the modding community has provided a lot. Whether adding new vehicles or restoring missing features, vehicle modifications never cease to amaze with their offerings.

This article lists the top five car mods for Grand Theft Auto 5 that players should try to improve their driving experience.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects only the author’s opinion.

5 car mods worth trying to style the vehicles in GTA 5

1) Bravado Greenwood Police Classic

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Police cars are In high demand among Grand Theft Auto 5 players for personal use. While the game allows you to steal and drive police cars, players prefer them to be permanent vehicles that are not removed when you leave them.

Modder Vx5 Voltage from GTA5-Mods made a patch that contains four different types of police vehicles for personal use. They are LSPD Police Greenwood, LSSD Sheriffs Greenwood, Detectives Unmarked Greenwood, and Undercover FIB Greenwood.

As the name implies, the cars are based on the Bravado Greenwood sedan and look absolutely stunning cruising the streets of Los Santos. Gamers can also dress up in police uniforms to match the law enforcement theme.

2) LiveLights live carcols siren editor

A screenshot of the various light and siren options in the mod (Image via GTA5-Mods)
A screenshot of the various light and siren options in the mod (Image via GTA5-Mods)

While having police cars as personal vehicles is already a flex, LiveLights live carols siren editor lets you customize their lights and sirens. The patch was created by GTA5-Mods-modder PNWParksFan using the RagePluginHook script and players must have version 98 or higher to run the mod.

You can change the sirens, the color of the lights, their order and more. Players who enjoy customizing their vehicles should try this mod as it allows them to be creative.

3) Toyota Supra 2JZ 3.0L I6 Engine noise

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The Toyota Supra is a classic sports car that has become a popular pop culture icon. The car became popular for its distinct appearance, extremely satisfying engine speeds and unique exhaust sounds. Although Rockstar Games released the Jester Classic as a tribute to Supraits performance and engine sounds are different.

However, GTA5-Mods developer Aquaphobic has created a mod that adds the iconic engine sound to the vehicles. The modder claimed that any vehicle in the game can be customized with the Supra sound by using the hash name “aq2jzgterace” after installing the mod. The engine sound is carried over from Forza Horizon 5 and largely matches the real Supra.

4) 2021 Lamborghini Sian Roadster

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Nothing is more eye-catching than a Lamborghini racing through the streets of Los Santos. Though Rockstar Games added some modified look-alikes before Lamborghini vehiclesfans won’t be able to resist being offered an original.

To cheer up Lamborghini enthusiasts, GTA5-Mods modder iKX3 Mods by GTA5-Mods has added the lifelike Lamborghini Sian Roadster to the game. While the default modded vehicle is gray and blue, players can fully customize it to their liking.

The vehicle features highly detailed interior and exterior designs, along with faster acceleration and cruising speeds than most of the stock cars in Grand Theft Auto 5.

5) Switch animation

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While Rockstar Games never puts much emphasis on precise driving mechanics, shifting is an important feature in most car games. To add the missing functionModder Burkiolmi of GTA5-Mods has made a patch that introduces switching animations in the game.

The animation looks beautiful in first-person mode, as the character’s hands move along and make switching noises. Car enthusiasts must try this mod to improve the driving experience.

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