Former champion injured; The Bloodline fail to follow orders

This week’s WWE SmackDown had some interesting segments and matches planned for the fans. Logan Paul was advertised to appear on the show ahead of his match against Roman Reigns at Crown Jewel 2022.

Drew McIntyre also appeared backstage and challenged Karrion Kross to a Steel Cage match in Saudi Arabia. It will likely help the company build one of the biggest grudge matches for the show. Omos and Braun Strowman also came face to face before making their Crown Jewel match official.

Meanwhile, Sheamus suffered a setback on SmackDown. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for The Brawling Brutes if The Celtic Warrior is banned for a few weeks.

Bray Wyatt made a cryptic promo backstage to keep fans guessing. The Eater of Worlds will likely find its first target on SmackDown in the coming weeks.

Check out the five things WWE SmackDown did right on this week’s show.

#5. The Bloodline Stopped Sheamus’ Biggest Run Yet

Jey Uso was relentless in his attack on Sheamus.
Jey Uso was relentless in his attack on Sheamus.

The Brawling Brutes came out on WWE SmackDown, followed by The Bloodline. It paved the way for a match between Sheamus and Solo Sikoa to kick off the show. Sheamus punished Solo early on the mat before fighting back with a few kicks. The two hit each other with some kicks and punches to get the match started.

sheamus got the White Noise for a near fall before Sikoa hit back with an avalanche Samoan Drop for a two count of its own. The island’s street champion was treated to the Beats of the Bodhran before countering a Brogue Kick.

Several distractions from The Bloodline allowed the newcomer to maintain control for some time. Sami Zayn interfered in the match, allowing Sikoa to hit the Spinning Solo for the win.

After the game, The Bloodline eliminated Butch and Ridge Holland. They turned their attention to The Celtic Warrior and wrapped his arm in a steel chair on the steel staircase before repeatedly hitting it with another chair. Zayn had to stop Jey Uso from doing any more damage to The Irishman as the segment drew to a close.

The match was another blast from Sheamus. He appears to be on the best run of his career and has helped take Butch and Holland to the next level on SmackDown. The Celtic Warrior suffered an injury due to a beatdown after the game. It will give Butch and Holland all the more reason to take down The Bloodline.

#4. Liv Morgan continued to give in to the dark side on WWE SmackDown

Liv Morgan began to show signs of a turnaround after her loss to Ronda Rousey at Extreme Rules 2022. She took on Sonya Deville in a singles match in this week’s SmackDown.

Deville knocked out Liv early and beat her in a corner before the latter returned with a Superkick. Deville sent her outside the ring where they traded some moves before Sonya got a few near-falls in the middle of the ring.

Liv lost her composure and broke away from Deville with a few thunderous blows. She sent Sonya out into the barricades and the two fought until the referee counted them out.

After the match, the former SmackDown Women’s Champion brought a set of chairs into the ring and piled them up before hitting Deville with a superplex of the ropes on them. It was a great way to end the segment.

WWE quickly turned Liv Morgan into a heel spurs, giving her a new character to work with. Interestingly, she completely fell out of the SmackDown Women’s Title photo. However, the new character could help her stay relevant to the brand without a title around her waist.

#3. Damage CTRL stole another win to keep their WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships

Damage CTRL triumphed on WWE SmackDown.
Damage CTRL triumphed on WWE SmackDown.

Raquel Rodriguez and Shotzi challenged Damage CTRL (IYO SKY and Dakota Kai) to a match for the Women’s Tag Team Championships. The two teams started their match on WWE SmackDown and the challengers took control early on.

Shotzi climbed on Raquel’s shoulders and dove on top of the champions outside the ring in one of the coolest spots of the night.

Sky made a comeback for her team in the match and hit Raquel with some good moves. The two teams exchanged a barrage of double team moves to keep the match entertaining. Kai broke the pin trying to save her partner and the heels sent Rodriguez out of the ring.

SKY finished Shotzi with a moonsault from the top rope for the win. The match was entertaining and it was good to see Damage CTRL keep their titles. Meanwhile, Rodriguez and Shotzi looked strong in defeat. They will have to rebuild before they can compete for the titles again. Fans can only hope Alexa Bliss and Asuka return to challenge Damage CTRL for the tag team titles at Crown Jewel.

#2. Rey Mysterio scored a win over Ludwig Kaiser

Ludwig Kaiser Couldn't Beat Rey Mysterio on WWE SmackDown
Ludwig Kaiser Couldn’t Beat Rey Mysterio on WWE SmackDown

Rey Mysterio moved to WWE SmackDown and immediately won a match to become the next challenger for GUNTHER’s Intercontinental Championship. The Master of the 619 took on Ludwig Kaiser in a singles match this week.

Mysterio appeared to hit the 619 early, but Giovanni Vinci and GUNTHER had a distraction to save him. Rey was still hitting a baseball slide before being overpowered by Kaiser.

Mysterio pretended to be hit by a steel chair to get Imperium from ringside. Surprisingly, the referee did not call for a disqualification for the veteran. Rey Mysterio stayed at the top hitting a hurricane and the 619 before taking the win.

The veteran’s fate has changed since he moved to SmackDown. It could help the legend finish his career on a high note. He proved that he can still work with the younger stars in the company and put in a good match.

The win will give him the momentum he needs on his way to the Intercontinental Championship game. Fans will probably get a great match between Mysterio and GUNTHER soon.

#1. The Bloodline got involved in Logan Paul and Roman Reigns’ rivalry

The Bloodline celebrated Solo Sikoa’s victory over Sheamus backstage. They were talking about Logan Paul‘s appearance on WWE SmackDown, and Sami Zayn made it clear that Roman Reigns didn’t want them meddling in their rivalry.

Not ready to give in to The Tribal Chief’s demands, Jey Uso told Sami he was a hothead and should see what happens before the night ends.

Logan Paul came out on the final segment of SmackDown and immediately turned to The Bloodline. The YouTube sensation agreed that he was the underdog, but didn’t know what would happen if he won Reigns.

Jey couldn’t hold back as Paul continued to focus on The Bloodline. He attacked him from behind and knocked him out. Zayn tried to stop the attack, but Jey was out of control. He missed a shot at Paul and was made up by The YouTube Sensation.

Sami Zayn will probably have to pay for not being able to control The Usos. After all, Reigns left him in charge of the brothers. It will probably lead to another great storyline within the group. Meanwhile, Paul got some cheers from the crowd for his actions.

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