From yak hair beards to designer dhotis: An insider’s look at the styling in The Legend of Maula Jatt – Style

A lot of detail has gone into creating the costumes and makeup for the movie and the star cast.

The shoot was lit with torches. A heavy crane high in the sky shone a light on the set of The Legend of Maula Jatto, creating the illusion of moonlight. The cast included some of Pakistan’s top stars and a host of extras, all dressed in costumes that were a throwback to a long time ago, unfolding Bilal Lashari’s fantastic escapist tale of good versus bad. At times, stylist Aabroe Hashmi would step in and splash synthetic blood on the cast. And just before the camera started rolling, the cast’s feet and hands would be ‘dirty’, their nails caked in mud to look good.

There was a time when producer Ammara Hikmat was frantically trying to find a dentist. Actor Gohar Rasheed had lost the gold thimble he was wearing for his character Maakha Natt and a replacement was urgently needed to allow shooting to continue!

TLoMJ has taken the time to make its way to cinemas – at least six years since the film was first conceptualized – but now that the release date is just days away, I’m getting the chance to see some very compelling behind-the-scenes stories. to hear. The trailer and promotional posters offer a glimpse of a film that promises to be high on visuals and styling. Director Lashari is said to have processed an impressive array of special effects. The film’s infamous all-star cast look transformed in their on-screen avatars. Apparently their transformations were the result of days of research and quite a bit of expenditure.

“We had worked with Bilal Lashari before and he always said he would take us with him when he made his next film,” said stylist Maram Azmat, half of the Maram Aabroos duo responsible for the spectacular styling of the film. TLoMJs characters. “Around 2015 we started working with him to TLoMJ. He asked us to investigate and we brainstormed with him for hours.”

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