Galaxy Z Flip 4 Reminded Me How Satisfying It’s To Hang Up Calls On A Flip Phone

Today, all phones look alike – the giant sheets of glass and metal, with a large screen on the front to communicate with.

And while this combination has been working for a number of years now, it has started to get pretty monotonous, despite the performance and features the phones can pack with it.


This is why when Samsung asked me if I would like to try their Galaxy Z Flip 4, I said yes without hesitation for a second. The smartphone with its folding screen certainly reminded me of my time with the classic Moto Razr decades from decades ago.

However, when I actually started using it, my experience was nowhere near what I thought it would be.

The flip design

The Flip 4 is a very compact device when folded and fits easily in the palm of my hand. I got the black colourway and with that came the glossy, darkened edges that screamed premium. The small screen was covered by a glass strip that contains the surprisingly inconspicuous camera bump.

Flipping it open however was a very different experience but it didn’t break open and I had to use both hands to pop it open which honestly was a problem especially when I had my other hand busy.

galaxy zflip 4 review

With two hands, the flip action was smooth, but for someone who has clicked their flip phones to hold them open in the past, it didn’t bode well for that move. I had to either take some support from my stomach or some other surface to open it up.

Even before closing I had to make sure I pushed both valves to the end to close and it didn’t snap shut for me. That was quite anticlimactic for me and within a day or two of use the nostalgic bubble burst for me.

What did feel nice was hanging up calls by clicking the phone shut. Especially those pesky telecallers!

The view(s)

The advantage of a flip phone is that you get two screens: one on the inside of the flip and one on the outside. Inside the Flip 4, however, is a foldable 6.7-inch AMOLED display that’s quite tall, with a resolution of 1080 by 2640 pixels.

The internal flexible screen gets a layer of protection, though it’s nowhere near its Gorilla Glass counterparts, so it’s best to be extremely careful with it.

galaxy zflip 4 review

The panel is vibrant and bright, just like the S22 series screen, and also gets a 120Hz refresh rate that keeps moving through menus or scrolling through news feeds, a buttery smooth experience. Although every time you scroll from top to bottom or vice versa, you tend to feel the crease around the hinge, which was still pretty weird to me even after using it for a few weeks.

galaxy zflip 4 review

On the outside you get a 1.9in super AMOLED panel with a resolution of 260 by 512 pixels that was big enough to work with and bright enough to be visible in daylight.


The Z Flip 4 is powered by Qualcomm’s latest and greatest Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, paired with 8GB of RAM. The device also gets 128GB/256GB/512GB storage variants.

The Flip 4, with its powerful hardware, could get through a busy day without breaking a sweat and performed like a true flagship.

This level of performance was also seen during gaming, where the Adreno 730 GPU ensured it ran smoothly even during demanding titles such as Genshin Impact, PUBG: New State and COD Mobile, on the highest settings.

The phone got quite warm as performance was pushed to its limits, which certainly made the experience a bit uncomfortable, but it also cooled down pretty quickly once the app was closed.

Overall, it’s a great phone if you’re looking for seamless, uninterrupted productivity, but extended gaming isn’t really its forte.


Unlike the Z Fold 4, the Z Flip 4 only gets a dual camera on the back: a 12-megapixel f/1.8 primary shooter with Dual-Pixel PDAF and a secondary 12-megapixel ultrawide shooter with f/2.2 aperture and a field of view. of 123 degrees.

The lack of a telephoto lens can be a bummer for many, but the two cameras on the device are quite impressive with their results.

galaxy zflip 4 review

Both the ultrawide and standard shooter combine the perfect blend of optical goodness and computational wizardry to capture impressive shots in both well-lit and low-light conditions.

galaxy zflip 4 review

The selfie camera on the inside, a 10-megapixel f/2.4 shooter, is also surprisingly good and unlike the Z Fold 4, it’s not tucked away, meaning it can get some sharp, beautiful shots.

Moreover, you can also use the rear cameras for capturing selfies, turning the secondary screen into your mini viewfinder, which also works well in a pinch.

Overall, when it comes to photography, the Z Flip 4 delivers impressive and reliable results.

Battery performance

The Z Flip 4 is powered by a 3,700 mAh lithium polymer battery, with support for 25W fast wired charging (halfway charge in about 30 minutes) and 15W fast wireless charging.

The device survived a full day of heavy use with extreme ease, and during my testing, it ended the day with an average of 35 to 40 percent battery left.

However, the 25W charging was rather disappointing, especially considering that other Android players charge the entire phone in less than 30 minutes, while the Z Flip 4 could barely charge 50 percent in that time.

If you’re someone coming off a OnePlus or an Oppo device, you’ll need to set up new charging habits to make sure your device is charged before you start your day.

galaxy zflip 4 review

Should you buy the Galaxy Z Flip 4?

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 4 is the most refined version of its foldable phone that strikes a good balance between features and price, especially for individuals looking to upgrade to a flagship and gain new experiences.

Of course, foldable phones are far from the most durable, but these days they are quite usable and with some TLC the phones can last a long time too.

At a price tag of Rs 89,999, I would recommend the Z Flip 4 to those (like me) who are bored of the monotonous glass plate devices and want a refreshing user experience worth the amount they invest.

It comes with some compromises – charging speed, durability and a scratch-prone screen, but the form factor offers a kind of excitement for exploring a newly bought phone that would otherwise get lost in today’s monotonous smartphone design.

And sure, the flipping experience is nowhere near what it used to be, there’s still a charm in hanging a phone by snapping the phone shut (even with both hands), which standard phones can never offer.

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