Google Pixel Watch vs Samsung Galaxy Watch 5: The best Android smartwatch

Google has the long-awaited Pixel watch after years of various reports, leaks and speculation. It’s the company’s first wristwatch and has apparently been in development since 2018. Technology fans like me have been eagerly awaiting Google to introduce a wristwatch that could someday compete with the fantastic Samsung Galaxy Watch. on October 6the multinational technology company unveiled its first-generation wristwatch for the first time.

You could be let down by the specs list, especially when you compare it to other smartwatches like the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 or the Galaxy View 5 Pro. The Pixel Watch is clearly designed for general users, people who lead an active lifestyle or others who just want to monitor their training, sleep and other daily activities.

How do the Pixel Watch and Galaxy Watch 5 stack up?

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The Google Pixel Watch doesn’t offer any particularly innovative smart or fitness features, but it’s critical to consider your needs before making a purchase. Most of all, do you need a smart wrist companion that can run a lot of applications and has extra functionality, or something that will enhance your workouts? The Google Pixel Watch isn’t the best smartwatch in every category, but realistically it should satisfy both groups of consumers.


You should not confuse the two watches, even in appearance. The only similarity between the two might be that they’re both round, but that’s about it. The face of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 has a completely flat screen, with two buttons on the right side of the case. The sapphire glass that covers the screen makes it very robust and scratch resistant.

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The Pixel Watch, on the other hand, has a Gorilla Glass 5 surface specially crafted by Corning and has extremely sharp curves all around to produce a smooth rounded edge around the case. It has only two buttons: one in the center, which doubles as a rotating crown, and one above that can be clicked.

The fact that Samsung supplies the Galaxy Watch 5 in two different sizes does give it a small advantage. Samsung produces watches for people with larger and smaller wrists thanks to the 44mm and 40mm models. At just 41mm in diameter, the Pixel Watch may seem a little too small for those used to huge timepieces.

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Apart from that, both watches have a water resistance comparable to a resistance of up to 50 meters / 5ATM. In addition, Samsung boasts military-grade shock and impact resistance and an IP68 certification for water resistance. Suitcases are made of different materials and are available in different colors.

The Google Watch is available in three colors: Champagne Gold, Matte Black and Polished Silver and is made of 80% recyclable stainless steel. The Samsung watch is made of aluminum and is available in both sizes in Graphite (dark gray) and Silver. The larger model is also offered in a sapphire blue finish, while the smaller model is also in rose gold.


Google claims the Pixel Watch will last up to 24 hours on a single charge, while Samsung believes the Galaxy Watch 5 will last a whopping 50 hours. I’ll have to wait to see how the Pixel Watch performs in the real world, but I can already admit that the Galaxy Watch 5 doesn’t even come close to the 50 hours that Samsung claims.

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It is reasonable to assume that both watches should be charged at least once every 24 hours. Fortunately, they both have fast charging capabilities that are comparable; the Galaxy Watch 5 reaches at least 45% in 30 minutes, while the Pixel Watch can charge from zero to 50% in about the same period. If you’re not wearing your watch to bed, these faster charging speeds aren’t really important, but they’re useful if you want to take advantage of the sleep monitoring features both smartwatches have to offer.


Both the Pixel Watch and the Galaxy Watch 5 are compatible with Wear OS 3.5, the latest version of Google’s wearable operating system. The Samsung One user interface Watch 4.5, which allows for additional customization and user interface capabilities that will be more familiar to people who own Samsung smartphones, is layered on top of that.

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In addition to the One UI variations, both smartwatches offer wearable versions of Google Maps, Google Wallet, Google Assistant, YouTube Music, and Messages. The Galaxy Watch 5 also has Samsung Pay and Samsung Health, of course. They should be able to run the same apps because they have both Wear OS 3.5. Keep in mind, though, that the Wear OS app environment is still largely devoid of options.


All the typical health sensors are present in the Pixel Watch, including an optical heart rate sensor and an ‘electrical multifunction sensor’. There are no groundbreaking or intriguing features in the sensor hardware, which is pretty much standard for any smartwatch today.

In any case, the Pixel Watch is a little underwhelming. Although theoretically there is a blood oxygen sensor in it, which is not yet functional, with no indicated ETA.

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Samsung’s enhanced BioActive Sensor, which combines a bioelectrical impedance (BIA) electrocardiogram (ECG) and photoplethysmography (PPG) heart rate sensor, is included in the Galaxy Watch 5. The ECG app is available on both the Pixel Watch and the Galaxy Watch 5 to help detect symptoms of atrial fibrillation.

The Google acquisition of Fitbit in 2019 gives the Pixel Watch what is arguably its biggest and most important advantage, making it a more advanced Fitbit smartwatch. While the smartwatch is new, it has a well-known set of health and fitness features that Google’s developers have continued to improve upon.

For example, Google mentions that its machine learning teams have partnered with Fitbit’s expertise to develop a new strategy that offers even more accurate heart rate monitoring. To help you get the most out of your workouts and sleep tracking capabilities, this data is also used in metrics such as Active Zone Minutes and Daily Readiness.

Anyone who has a Fitbit gadget must be familiar with the health and fitness features. The Fitbit Premium membership, with which the Pixel Watch is compatible, is also offered free of charge by Google to new customers for the first six months.

Final verdict

While Google has done a great job with the Pixel Watch, it’s still a first-generation gadget. It has struggled to compete with Samsung’s significantly more developed Galaxy Watch platform.

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For starters, the Galaxy Watch 5 has more advanced health sensors, and while some of them haven’t reached their full potential yet, at least the technology is available. Plus, Google only offers a basic Fitbit service that locks all of its best features behind a subscription barrier, while Samsung offers comprehensive health and fitness monitoring and coaching capabilities at no extra cost.

Google deserves credit for the job well done, though, and it’ll be interesting to see where it goes with the next iteration of the Pixel Watch. But for now, I believe it’s a wearable that will appeal to only a small number of niche audiences: users of Google’s Pixel phones, those deeply rooted in the Fitbit ecosystem, or those who just love good design and aesthetics. . At that point, the galaxy watch 5 is the smartwatch that I recommend to everyone.

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