GTA Online’s upcoming Black Friday sale list of items revealed (November 25

GTA Online’s upcoming Black Friday sale details have dropped and there are a lot of things players can look forward to. Black Friday in GTA Online lists some of the game’s most popular vehicles that are being sold at a discount. This month, players can get their hands on luxury vehicles and casino decorations for nearly half price for three days.

Since most of the discounts revealed are luxury vehicles, the final price might still sound pretty high to many beginners or players with limited GTA$ in hand. All of these discounts start on November 25 and end on November 28, which is just a few days away.

What are the Black Friday deals in GTA Online?

Below are the details of the Black Friday deals fans can take advantage of.

50% discount:

  • Declassify Scramjet
  • Mammoth avenger
  • Pegasi Toreador
  • Pegassi oppressor
  • Pegassi Suppressor Mk II
  • Casino Penthouse Decorations
  • RO-86 Alkonost
  • HVY Chernobog

40% discount:

  • Buckingham Luxor
  • Buckingham Luxor Deluxe
  • Buckingham Swift
  • Buckingham Swift Deluxe
  • Pegasi Torero XO
  • Benefactor SM722
  • Benefactor LM87

Declassify Scramjet

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The Declasse Scramjet is on sale, making flying cars a little more affordable as it now costs $1,740,200. It also has a trading price to lower it even further. The main feature is that the vehicle is equipped with a rechargeable Rocket Boost, which can be quite useful for flying through the huge map of GTA Online with ease.

Mammoth avenger

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Also available for purchase is the weaponized plane, another missile-carrying vehicle that can carry even more passengers and be used to fly across the massive map. Mammoth Avenger will now cost GTA$1,725,000, which is 50% off the actual price.

Pegasi Toreador

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Another great vehicle for sale, the Pegasi Toreador, has also been 50% off with this year’s Black Friday sale. The vehicle was not adopted by many players due to its high price, but now only costs $1,830,000 in GTA Online. Special features include the ability to go underwater along with the rocket boost.

Pegassi Suppressor and Suppressor MK II

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The original Suppressor, the flying armed motorcycle, is the next vehicle with a 50% discount, making it affordable for more players. The equipped rocket boost can come in very handy if you’re looking for a quick getaway. The vehicle now costs GTA $1,762,250, and the trade price may lower it even further.

The upgraded MK II version of the Oppressor, the vehicle is now 50% off and retails for GTA$1,945,125. It can be upgraded and customized in the Terrorbyte. Five customer orders from Terrorbyte can unlock the trade price for the vehicle, which can further reduce costs.

RO-86 Alkonost

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With another aircraft included in the Black Friday discount, players will appreciate the 50% discount for the RO-86 Alkonost. The discount brings the cost back to $2,175,000 by default, and if players unlock the trade prize, they can get it for $1,631,250.

HVY Chernobog

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This is an armed military vehicle that has also been discounted by 50%, bringing the final cost down to $1,655,850. The vehicle is based on a real-life MAZ-543M, BM-30 Smerch. It is a four-wheel drive vehicle with lock-on-range missiles that can reach over 1000 meters.

Buckingham Luxor and Luxor Deluxe

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The Luxor and the Luxury Luxor get 40% off with the Black Friday sale, making the two luxury planes somewhat affordable for most players. While the actual price of Buckingham Luxor isn’t much, it now costs $650,000 with the discount.

Luxor Deluxe, one of the most expensive vehicles in the game, is now priced at GTA$4,000,000, which may still not be as affordable as other options on sale. It’s discounted nonetheless, and players who enjoy collecting luxury vehicles should grab this one at a discounted price while they still can.

Buckingham Swift and Swift Deluxe

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The Buckingham Swift is now $600,000 and the deluxe option of the same helicopter, Speedy Deluxe, now costs $2,060,000. These helicopters can be stored in the Galaxy Super Yacht or the hangar owned by players. It should be noted that these choppers are not adjustable.

Pegasi Torero XO

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The Pegasi Torero XO now costs GTA $1,156,000 and once acquired, players can request delivery from the mechanic. Auto expert Broughy1322 tested the vehicle and reached a top speed of 211 miles per hour. The vehicle is fast and good looking, making it a good option to grab during the sale.

Benefactor LM87 and SM722

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One of GTA Online’s supercars, the Benefactor LM87 is now priced at $1,166,000 for a limited time during the Black Friday sale. the sports car, Benefactor SM722, cost $846,000. Both vehicles can be very useful in races, as they have a top speed of almost 200 km/h.

Casino Penthouse Decorations

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The Casino Penthouse decorations are also 50% off. Players can get these decoration options from the casino gift shop on the right side of the casino, in front of the bar. They require casino chips instead of cash as the purchase is made at the casino.

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