Horoscope Today: November 21, 2022 | Vogue India

See what the stars have in store for your plate

Cancer, you are nostalgic. You are homesick for all the times you spent together. You are homesick for the joyful moments you shared with them and all the big laughs. Word to the wise: if that’s something you feel called to do at this time, get in touch with them. RamIf you’ve been thinking about transforming into a “morning person,” this is the week to get into a new routine! Starting your day at 5:30am might be a bit ambitious. But who says you can’t greet the world at 7:30/8 or start your day with a gentle yoga practice? Virgin, you are grateful. You are all thankful for it. You are grateful to the universe, even for the experiences that threatened to tear you apart. You understand now that things happened for you and not for you. You understand that you were protected from that which was not a vibrational agreement. At the beginning of the week, turn the poison that remains into a sweet elixir.

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