iPhone 14 Plus Review: The clever choice

The iPhone 14 Plus offers a large screen and the luxury of good battery life, which is enough for most. Read our review.

Before you bomb U.S With hate, there’s a reason we consider the iPhone 14 Plus a smart choice. In fact, there are a myriad of reasons why the iPhone 14 Plus might just be the best no-frills iPhone to buy until the iPhone 15 Plus drops. Certainly, at a starting price of Rs, 89,900, it is quite an expensive phone and compared to its android rivals, it just looks boring. The dated design also adds to the woes and pushes customers towards the iPhone 14 Pro. The iPhone 14 Plus actually does its job well – it’s not a flop show for Apple.

Look smart and it’s not a flop show for you either. It fills the huge price gap between the Rs of the iPhone 14,79,900 price and the Rs of the iPhone 14 Pro. 130,000 prize. This is a crucial one and could make many consider this a smarter option. You save enough money and you get Apple’s largest iPhone screen. What’s bad about that, right? To secure the idea, I spent two weeks with the iPhone 14 Plus trying to figure it out.


Technically, the iPhone 14 Plus has been a brand new phone for a long time — it sports the Pro Max’s 6.7-inch screen. However, Apple did the bare minimum, or almost nothingThe design of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus is just a larger version of the same. Hence the excitement of the new phone is missing; my office colleagues mistook it for the iPhone 13. The same diagonal camera lenses, the same flat sides, the same old notch – iPhone fans have seen this.

On the “plus” side, this is still a nice phone to look at, especially in the right colors. My purple variant is beautiful and I love the product red variant. As long as the notch is not visible, this is a modern looking large smartphone that will turn heads. Coming from the iPhone 14 Pro Max, I love the matte aluminum rails, glossy back, and lightweight construction; it feels featherlight compared to the Pro Max. It’s also durable – my car keys and my irresponsible colleagues were not yet able to scratch the phone or peel off the paint.


This is one of the main reasons why you should consider the iPhone 14 Plus. At 6.7 inches, this is a “normal size” large screen with a beautifully tuned very high resolution OLED display. Whether under the Sun or in your living room, the display of the iPhone 14 Plus is pleasant to look at. Colors look natural and brightness is great; the typical iPhone tuning. If you like watching movies or browsing Instagram, you will love this screen. Except for…

The refresh rate! 60Hz refresh rate is fine for everyday use and you get used to it eventually. But for a phone that costs almost Rs. 1 lakh, this feels unfair. Even the cheapest Android phones have 120Hz OLED screens these days! And no, I don’t see the “Apple’s-60Hz-is-better-than-Android’s-120Hz” notion. It just looks nervous. The notch only adds to the unpleasantness.


We will charge you Apple guilty of giving an old chipset in its flagship-class phone – the pinnacle of cost-cutting. But once the annoyance of missing out on the new stuff wears off, I don’t see any reason not to pick this iPhone for its performance. In any case, the A15 Bionic is still a fast chipset – after all, that one iPhone 13 Pro models still run strong and do everything right. With a 5-core GPU and 6GB of RAM, the iPhone 14 Plus has the better A15 Bionic variant and works as advertised.

Apple’s stronghold is the optimization and iOS 16 on this iPhone runs smoothly except for a few bugs. I threw everything in my power to make an “Ahaaaan!” moment with the A15 Bionic, trying to see if it struggles – I’ve only failed here. Whether it’s the incredibly complex one Apex Legends or editing a 4K footage on iMovie, this iPhone did it all like a Pro. It stays cool and can handle all kinds of loads with ease. Games like COD Mobile and Apex Legends just work at their best.

As for iOS 16, the customization options have made it an interesting operating system to choose. That along with Apple’s tight-knit ecosystem ensures a great experience with AirPods, Apple Watchand the mac. You only miss the Always On Display and I don’t mind that.

iPhone 14 Plus also left me impressed with the speaker performance. The audio output is loud and there’s plenty of depth to enjoy the bass, but it’s all tuned for a higher volume. Then there is the network performance, which is good enough. At my jio 4G LTE network, the iPhone 14 Plus held the network but dropped it in the basement (Google Pixel 7 Pro locked to the network). There is also support for 5G, but Apple will release the update by December 2022 to enable 5G reception.


Whether it’s photography or videography, the iPhone 14 Plus is simply brilliant if you want strong cameras. The 12MP main and 12MP ultrawide camera sensors are borrowed from the iPhone 13 Pro, but tuned even better thanks to the Photonic Engine.

As with the iPhone 14 Pro Max, the main camera has been tuned to keep colors closer to natural tones, keep brightness higher, crush shadows and extract details. For social media and phone screens, these photos look amazing – everyone on my team loved the Diwali photos taken with the iPhone. However, Pixelpeepers pointed out the overly sharp look and how the Pixel 7 Pro creates contrast and keeps skin tones more natural.

This also applies to selfies, where the photos appear too sharp and the skin tones look unnatural. In low light it only gets worse. Night photos are sharp enough and I love how the exposures are well maintained. Portrait mode also suffers from uneven subject cutouts, but I love the blur effect in the foreground. Unlike the iPhone 14 Pro Max, there’s no 2X lossless digital zoom present, and the lack of a telephoto camera limits you to blurry zoomed-in photos. For general shots, this is a great camera for both casual and professional photographers.

View sample photos of the iPhone 14 Plus

When it comes to videography, there is no competition – the iPhone 14 Plus dominates. Both 4K and 1080p videos have great clarity, wide dynamic range, good noise reduction, excellent stabilization and smooth processing. Cinematic mode is more usable in 4K, while Action mode comes in handy with its great stabilization and 2.5L usable resolution, although it uses the inferior ultra-wide camera to record it.

Battery life

For a sub- 1 lakh phone, the iPhone 14 Plus offers a huge battery life. With my moderate use of office calls, emails, texting, occasional photography, and 2-3 hours of browsing, the iPhone 14 Plus lasts an entire day and extends into the next afternoon. Best battery life on any iPhone? I do not think so. The battery life is more comparable to the iPhone 14 Pro Max and iPhone 13 Pro Max, which isn’t a bad deal. Lovers of movies and selfies can drain the battery quickly, but even in the worst case scenario, the iPhone 14 Plus is more than a phone for a day. Charging is a slow process here, with my 30W Apple charger taking just over an hour from a 30 percent charge. MagSafe wireless charging is a blessing when you have that magnetic puck with you.


The iPhone 14 Plus is controversial in the way it was designed, which is why it may not be an easy choice for many. There is a large group of people who like modern frills like a high refresh rate screen without a big notch, a triple camera setup with a zoom camera, a fast charge time of less than 30 minutes and a flashy design – especially when the asking price is around Rs. 1 lakh. The iPhone 14 Plus doesn’t have any of that, which is why it can take buyers to a Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus or a Google Pixel 7 Pro. Don’t discount the iPhone 14 Pro for the wealthy!

But there’s also a group of people who just want a solid iPhone experience; Just a big screen would help immensely. This is who the iPhone 14 Plus is built for. The user experience is refined and you can enjoy Apple’s ecosystem with the luxury of a 6.7-inch screen. That, and the presence of brilliant cameras, fast and reliable performance, great battery life and a sub- Starting price of 1 Lakh to top it off – the iPhone 14 Plus is the smartest iPhone you can buy today if you are not looking for the geeky and gimmicky stuff.

product name

Apple iPhone 14 Plus


  • Big and good screen
  • Great battery life
  • Good prestation


  • Expensive
  • 60Hz display only
  • Dated design

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