‘Kantara’ makers face allegations of plagiarism, Kerala band Thaikkudam Bridge to sue for copyright infringement

The Kerala-based band has alleged similarities between Kantara’s ‘Varaha Roopam’ and the 2017 song ‘Navarasam’

The Kerala-based band has alleged similarities between Kantara’s ‘Varaha Roopam’ and the 2017 song ‘Navarasam’

Since its release on September 30, 2022, Rishab Shetty’s blockbuster Kannada movie, Kantara, has been the talk of the town for the rooted stories, stunning visuals and music that bring the traditions and rituals of the coast of Karnataka to life. But despite all the rave reviews from critics and audiences alike, the film is now embroiled in controversy after Kerala-based music band Thaikkudam Bridge accused the creators of plagiarism and copyright infringement on October 25, 2022.

The band took to social media to make a statement. Citing similarities between Kantara’s now popular song “Varaha Roopam” and their 2017 song “Navarasam,” Thaikkudam Bridge has claimed “copyright infringement” and have expressed their intention to take legal action against the team. from Kantara and Its Producers, Hombale Films.

Distinguishing between “inspired” and “plagiarised”, the band said that Varaha Roopam, composed by music director Ajaneesh Lokanath, was claimed as an original work despite its striking and “inevitable similarities” to Navarasam, their intellectual property (IP) .

The band also sought public support and urged people to raise their voices against copyright violations. “We ask for the support of our listeners and encourage you to spread the word. Also ask our fellow artists to share your thoughts and opinions about protecting music copyright. (sic)’ they said.

Actor deals with claims of appropriation

The allegations stem from days of social media buzz about Kantara’s appropriation of the bhootakola tradition of the coastal region of Karnataka and an attempt to subvert it under Vedic Brahmin Hinduism.

On October 24, 2022, Kannada actor Kishore, who plays the role of forest ranger in Kantara, posted an Instagram post titled “Kantara and Dharma” urging people not to let “Dharma” the folk gods and traditions of Dakshina Kannada colors. .

With the exception of those who use the film to “fuel superstition” and “divide people,” the actor begged his audience to think before “falling prey to the hate brokers, who are the national anthem, the flag, the logo and poets have already hijacked.”

To address the scourge of untouchability embedded in the practice of Bhootakola, which the film highlights, Kishore asked, “Why don’t we see the color of Adharma in the practice of untouchability, which makes the person wearing the same daiva’s vesha in the house of the feudals of the higher caste, and the cleansing with holy water when he enters their house? (sic)”

He called Kantara a film that “unites the people of the country who cross the boundaries of caste, religion and language”, he warned people not to become “pawns of bigoted politics”.

FIR against Chethan Ahimsa

The day before, on October 23, the Seshadripuram . police registered a FIR against another Kannada actor Chethan Ahimsa, for insulting and allegedly hurting the feelings of a community through his comments against Kantara.

In a tweet, Chethan had said: “Glad that our Kannada film ‘Kantara’ is making waves nationally. Director Rishabh Shetty claims that Bhoota Kola is a ‘Hindu culture’. False. Our Pambada/Nalike/Parawa’s Bahujan traditions predate Vedic Brahmin Hinduism We ask that Moolnivasi cultures be shown with truth on and off screen.

Based on the complaint of one Shivakumar, from Shankarapuram, the police booked Chetan under Section 505 (2) of IPC. Shivakumar claimed in his complaint that Chetan’s statement would offend and hurt religious feelings and cause tension in the community. This is the second time Chetan has been charged with criminal charges this year.

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