Mamaearth faces Netizen’s ire for ‘defending’ anti-Army tweet of Richa Chadha

On Thursday (November 24), social media users called for a boycott of the cosmetic brand ‘Mamaearth’ after it attempted to rationalize Richa Chadha’s anti-military tweet.

The actress stirred Wednesday (November 23) after her in the wasp’s nest mocked the 20 soldierswho were killed in the 2020 Galwan Valley clash with the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

Angry netizens had questioned ‘Mamaeath’ about its association with Richa Chadha and asked if it endorsed her tweet. It should be mentioned that on October 3 this year, the actress promoted the brand’s product in an Instagram post.

Rather than back away from the controversy, Mamaearth put herself in the firing line. Social media users accused the cosmetics brand of trying desperately to rationalize and justify Richa Chadha’s now-deleted tweet.

“Hi! The Mamaearth brand also does not support anyone mocking our Bravehearts. The words ‘Galwan says hello’ are inconclusive and we interpret it as a recall of the ruling Indian army in such difficult terrain and even outnumbered at the standoff ‘ it tweeted in support of Richa Chadha.

The tweet further angered netizens, who then called for a full boycott of the brand over the “approval” of the actress’s tweet. “Mamaearth will be brought to Earth if it dares speak the anti-national language!” wrote one Twitter user.

Popular Twitter user ‘The Hawk eye’ said, “Sometimes silence is better than pretending to be too smart! If Mama Earth thinks Richa Chaddha’s tweet was a reminder of the bravery of our armed forces, why did she delete it and apologize?”

Another user suggested that the cosmetic brand put itself in the line of fire, albeit unnecessarily.

Another user said that Mamaearth Richa would question Chadha for putting it in the middle of a Twitter boycott campaign.

“I will throw out any products I use from Mamaearth if they find no offense in that tweet. Then we are here with our answer,” promised another user.

Aftermath of the boycott campaign

The cosmetic brand later tried to undo the damage by issuing a clarification. “Mamaearth brand does not support or endorse offensive views or disparaging remarks against our country or military. #saluteindianarmy,” it read.

The company’s co-founder Varun Alagh clarified that Richa Chadha is not Mamaearth’s brand ambassador. “Hum Kattar desh premi hai, shuddh made in India for India and will always support our country’s troops. Apologies if this has been misunderstood, to have it corrected,” he said.

Meanwhile, Congress leader Nagma Morarji had supported Richa Chadha’s controversial tweet. This despite the fact that the actress had apologized and her tweet deleted. interestingly, Morarji has a Twitter DP with Rahul Gandhi.

In June 2020, Congress scion Rahul Gandhi took to Twitter to distort Prime Minister Modi’s statement on the deadlock in Ladakh and deliberately deceived everyone on the Galwan Valley issue.

Using a screenshot where Prime Minister Modi had assured Indians that the Chinese failed to penetrate our territory and seize any land, Rahul Gandhi accused Prime Minister Modi of “surrendering Indian territory to Chinese aggression.”

He slandered that the Galwan Valley, which is part of Indian territory and where Indian soldiers were martyred while fighting the PLA, had been “surrendered to China”.

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