Online shopping has become the preferred mode for all kinds of shopping: Pankaj Garg, DailyObjects

Have you ever wondered if the products you use in everyday life can achieve more than one purpose without sacrificing any design? We are often bored to death with the static designs and the mere utility of our everyday products, such as a laptop bag for the office, a case/cover that protects the phone, or chargers that only charge your phone or it could be a watch band that is not in is close to your definition of fashion. The new batch of fashion statements has sparked cutthroat competition among the D2C players in India and abroad. The focus of compiling a new range no longer depends on just one aspect or purpose. The brands introduce a product line that is aesthetically pleasing, ergonomically designed, fashionable and capable of being multifunctional. Not only this, the brands are coming Making in India products to match the demands and fashion tastes of the new trendsetters. reached out to Pankaj Garg, co-founder and CEO of DailyObjects to inquire about the current state and future trends of the lifestyle accessories brand. fragments:

Usually, the brands witness an increase in customer base and sales due to the holiday season. What are your expectations for the upcoming holidays? Do you offer discounts? How is the upcoming sale going? Amazon and flip card help you?

We believe that festivals are a great opportunity to reach out to our customers and connect with them on a more emotional level. We see a 50%-70% increase in daily sales during our festive campaigns thanks to the extensive choices, thoughtful curations and tailor-made experiences we offer our customers that set us apart. We are also proud that almost all of our websites can be gifted thanks to clever and thoughtful designs that make for beautiful gifts. To facilitate the same, we are introducing carefully curated elements to our user touchpoints with dedicated pages, detailed filtering technology, targeted push notifications and carefully curated gift bundle options on our website to provide the ultimate shopping experience.

This year we launched a special gift page on our website and app and a ‘The Joy of Gratitude’ gift campaign to provide our customers with a comprehensive gift experience where they can shop for specially curated Diwali bundles featuring our bestsellers along with scented candles and candy or they can buy gifts by personality, budget or just choose from our classic gift recommendations.

Our branded offerings such as tech kits, desk supplies, phone and laptop stands, organizers, wallets, hardback notebooks, vacuum flask, messenger bag, charging adapter and cable, wireless charging pad, along with other premium products such as key rings, scented candles, luscious cookies and brownies are included of these festive Diwali bundles. The Diwali bundles are composed keeping in mind the relevant trends and high usability of the gifts. You can find gift bundles for work from home, desk upgrade, well-being at work, technical organization among others.

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We also recently launched a special range of accessories exclusively for the recently launched iPhone 14, Apple Watch 8, SE and AirPods 2. It includes 6 different protective smartphone case styles available in over hundreds of different artworks, 10 different watch band styles including protective dial bumpers and leather cases for Airpods Pro 2.

In addition to the gift campaign, new launches, we also offer our customers up to 70% off with exclusive freebies for customers who buy above a certain amount. Overall, we’ve allocated 20% of our annual advertising budget this year to our holiday marketing strategies, which include websites, apps, marketplaces, affiliates, and businesses, and we expect a 2- to 2.5-fold growth in terms of revenue and traffic. In addition, during Amazon and Flipkart sales, which happen at the start of the holiday season each year, we record 3X growth in sales during the peak sales days, along with a lot of brand visibility and many new new buyers.

What are the lifestyle accessories trends you’ve seen in the past year?

More than a necessity, online shopping now seems to have become the mode of choice for all types of shopping, whether essential or non-essential. Consumers are actively discovering new brands on the various social media platforms, looking for premium products, reliable reviews and better bargains.

Accessories as a means of self-expression: The young population values ​​personal style as an expression of themselves and they like to have more than one option in accessories to choose from. They shop for different styles of work and leisure bags, phone cases to match outfit, season or mood, watch bands for different pursuits – indoors or out, other stylish and protective accessories for laptops, glasses, earphones and more.

Versatile in function for new work-life dynamics: Post-covid, a new dynamic in work and life has come into play. Hybrid work culture or working while traveling has become the new norm. Accessories that support this kind of flexible lifestyle, combine functionality and practicality with design and allow the users to express themselves with smartly designed styles have become quite popular. Our in-house product designers take this need for versatility, greater mobility and flexibility into account when designing for the new standard.

Focus on better organization and productivity: Many new age working professionals are adopting the clutter-free, well-organized desks and everyday carrying options that give them greater efficiency and productivity outside of work hours.

How do you promote the idea of ​​Make in India products?

We are a proud homegrown D2C brand. All of our lifestyle offerings are designed and made in India and this is our way of contributing to the Make in India initiative. Today, more than 1000 craftsmen help us meet the needs of more than 2 million customers.

When we started about 10 years ago, Pankaj and Saurav, our founders, realized a huge accessibility and affordability gap in the lifestyle products market in the country. At the time, there were only a handful of affluent consumers who could afford to import the best-designed lifestyle and tech accessories from outside India, at a high price. On the other hand, the accessories sold in the Indian market did not meet the need for good design or the required quality standards.

Accessibility, reliable product quality, good design, affordability and extensive choices in daily lifestyle products are the various problem areas that DailyObjects wanted to solve for the Indian market by being easy to find on all digital platforms, offering affordable prices and offering a wide range of high-quality product and design portfolio under one brand and platform.

In terms of promotion, to quote just one example, for the launch of one of our recent Platform collections for desk supplies, we have released a series of videos featuring real inspiring new age Indian professionals in the fields of fashion, psychology, Music and Civil Service who fought against all odds to become game changers in their domain. Like the Platform collection, the campaign echoed the beautiful story of these homegrown achievers. The campaign resonated extremely well with the homegrown platform collection, which was 100% conceived, designed and manufactured in India and very well received by our audience.

In general, what are the most preferred categories and products by consumers?

Today’s consumer loves design- and function-oriented accessories, desk and technical solutions and fast and wireless charging options that contribute to a more efficient lifestyle. Consumers are more picky about organization, self-improvement and productivity. And as a design and technology-focused brand, DailyObjects stands ready to provide highly relevant solutions to today’s consumers’ problems.

Technical accessories: During the holiday season, many tech gadgets are launched and people are looking for related accessories. Technical accessories are thus becoming one of the better performing categories this season.

Products such as protective cases and covers for laptops, wristbands for smartwatches, tech organizer kits, messenger bags for the office, desk accessories such as desk mats, laptops, monitors or phone stands – are among the best-selling products of this season.

Home Office Supplies: With the plethora of professionals adapting to changes in their hybrid work styles, ‘Home Office Essentials’ has emerged as a favorite category in gifts. In fact, our home office category grew 450% from Jan ’21 to June ’22. We see huge potential for the same in both the personal and business gifts segment.

What is the future of the D2C industry and how do you see DailyObjects’ positioning in the market?

The Indian D2C market is expected to grow by more than 15 times from 2015 to 2025. The industry is expected to triple by 2025, reaching the $100 billion mark. The fashion and accessories market is expected to become the largest D2C segment in the country by 2025, with a market value of $43.2 billion.* These statistics indicate that the future of the D2C segment in India is promising. The pivot to digital, the rise of online shopping and companies taking over the e-commerce route are the main reasons for this growth.

When it comes to DailyObjects, we are a digital-first brand. The brand has grown significantly since its inception and is now bracing itself for unprecedented growth. We aim to exceed the 100 cr sales run rate by the end of this year and 5x growth in the next 3 years. Overall, our goal is to grow as a lifestyle tech D2C brand and be the leading player in this category on a global level for the foreseeable future.

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