Raw recap & reactions (Oct. 24, 2022): Rhea Ripley is everyone’s daddy

We are a week further crown jewel, which is still a thing. What did Raw have in store for us? Read the fold below to find out. Oh, but read Claire’s blog first because she’s dope and the blog is magic. Not Daddy Magic, but more like David Copperfield.

Let’s talk Raw!

You know her name

Shoutout to the fan with the sign ‘Eddie is your real father’. I see you, sir, and salute your disrespect. ‘s second MVP RawThe opening segment was Rhea Ripley. She owned everything the moment doomsday came into the ring. Whether it was the looks, her body language, or her comments (emphasizing Dom’s comment about being built differently), she killed it. That continued during Finn Balor’s duel with Karl Anderson. Even with this story of Finn feeling betrayed by the club he founded, Rhea steals the show. Even with a good match between Karl and Finn, Rhea is the star. What happens when she beats up Luke Gallows with the power. Not only did she knock down a man of such great strength, but she spoke her ish as he hit the ground.

Rhea kept the pain train going as she hit the ring, hitting Anderson harder where the sun doesn’t shine when the referee turned his back. That painful blow was just enough for Finn to take the W.

I don’t like this story as much as the one with Rey Mysterio, and I really hope this detour is just for Crown Royal Jewel reasons. But it’s still entertaining, especially because of everything Rhea does or doesn’t do.


For the love of Mac and cheese

Miz wrestled with R-Truth over a dispute over North Carolina macaroni and cheese. I can’t speak for their mac and cheese, but my grandmother from South Carolina makes the absolute best macaroni and cheese. The Carolinas are close enough where I can side with the truth.

But I digress. Miz initially hit the ring for some Dexter Lumis updates. Johnny Wrestling says Miz isn’t telling the truth about his fight with Dexter or what happened to Ciampa. Saying “truth” so many times in a WWE ring is like saying Candyman five times in a mirror. Only you get R-Truth and not Tony Todd. Hence the Carolina food contest.

I was not entertained even though I agree with Truth’s motivation. Hopefully we’ll get a fix for this Dexter/Miz thing next week.

Nikki no longer a superhero

Bayley on one side of the ring. Bianca Belair on the other side of the ring. No title on the line, nothing actually on the line. Sure, Damage CNTRL has beaten up Candice LeRae before, but nothing was at stake here for either woman, which feels like a miss after their last meeting. But it’s indicative of a show where a lot of things happened that didn’t really add up to much. Bianca and Bayley are great wrestlers. Of course they ensured a technically good match. The problem is the lack of commitment. We’ve already done this: Damage CNTRL beats up someone, Bianca comes to the rescue, a match is formed. At some point, this angle needs another gear.

Is Nikki Cross that gear?

Nikki, without superhero gear, appeared in the third act. The referee knocked Dakota & IYO out. But before he had a chance to get extra exaggerated with his moves, Nikki jumped off the top rope and eliminated the referee along with Dakota & IYO. She turned her attention to Bianca, which allowed Bayley to get the W, then beat up Bayley too. Nikki stood up straight when the show ended.

See this version of Nikki on Raw are cool. I’m not sure if that’s the big angle to end the show though. Especially this show, which was disappointing at best.

Keeping peace…

Seth Rollins is afraid of Mustafa Ali. That’s the bottom line for anyone following this story. The United States champion intervened in a match between Ali and Austin Theory. He coached Theory from commentary, while Theory just wanted a piece of Ali because he’s a bully who beats up people who don’t have the glide he has. So all this fits together nicely.

However, this was a good match! Ali is a natural baby face and Theory makes good guys look great. Without Seth distracting the referee, Ali wins this match. But yes, that happened. So Theory takes home the win, while Ali is beaten up after the match because Seth thinks he’s not at his level. A desperate heel move that I love and hope their match delivers on this promise.

But what’s up with Theory? It’s not on for a week Raw but shows up on NXT and teases a cash-in to the NXT Championship. Then that doesn’t happen and it appears on Raw. I’m confused and, as always, I need someone to make sense of it.


I am a huge Elias fan. I admit that and am not ashamed. So I’m excited when he picks up a W. After last week I thought the championship in the United States was in the future. Maybe so, but starting this week, he’s starting something with Riddle by his side. Possibly. Alpha Academy rudely interrupted Elias and Riddle, resulting in a match between Gable and Elias. The best moment of the match came when Gable made a beautiful moonsault and caught an Elias knee lift right in the jaw. It was perfectly timed and a thing of beauty.

More importantly, Elias took the win. Otis attacked him after the game and Riddle ran down for the assist. Okay match with a very cool moment.


Omos beat up some workmen… what should scare Braun Strowman? Okay, sure, Jan.

Wrestling… God?

Baron Corbin wrestled with Johnny Gargano because it pissed off JBL. How? Just his existence and the fact that he spent ten years in single A. Definitely a matter for JBL to say and do, so I’m not mad about that. But Corbin, at least in the ring, isn’t screaming “wrestling god.” In fact, he barely yells. Corbin is a bit boring as a wrestler. The most entertaining part of this match was Johnny Wrestling taking JBL’s hat and mocking the Texan.

Of course he lost the game as a result of all that mocking because he was way too distracted. But I just wasn’t concerned with the game as a whole. I like what JBL does, but I don’t think he and Corbin are a good match. JBL is a larger-than-life personality and Corbin barely has a personality.

Someone asked Baron if he is a good person and he said yes when he should have said no.

This was not a great show. In fact it might be the worst Raw long time. The show had a spark when it started, but quickly flared up.

Quality: C-

That’s my grade and I’m sticking to it. Your turn.

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