There is lot of time, everyone will get chance: Hardik Pandya


“What people say from the outside doesn’t really matter at this level. It’s my team, what myself and the coach feel is good,” © Getty Images by Hardik Pandya

On the back of India winning the T20I series against New Zealand, Hardik Pandya said his intention is to create a culture where the players are given the freedom to play freely. He also pointed out that India had a similar model for Australia’s just concluded T20 World Cup, but they were unable to perform as expected.

The third and final T20I at Napier came to an abrupt end due to rain, with India leveling with New Zealand’s score (by DLS method). The game thus ended in a draw, with the visitors winning the series 1–0.

“In my opinion as captain I want to give as much freedom as possible, the kind of culture where the player can go out and play with freedom,” Hardik said during the post-match press conference on Tuesday (Nov. 22). ). “It was also there during the World Cup. It was clear that there were things we couldn’t do better, those things were stressed and we couldn’t win. But in the future that would always be the case. We won’t play in a certain The attempt would be to enjoy the game, if you want to hit the first ball we will always go back and we will try to make sure the players play with freedom.”

Hardik paid no attention to the noises surrounding the non-inclusion of Sanju Samson and Umran Malik in any of the games and emphasized that each player would get a long run at some point in the future.

“What people say from the outside doesn’t really matter at this level. This is my team first and foremost. The coach and I will pick the team we think is right,” he said. “There’s a lot of time, everyone gets a chance. If someone gets a chance, they get a long run. If it had been a longer run, if there had been more games, of course chances would have been given. But if it’s a short series, I don’t believe in chopping and changing and I wouldn’t believe in the future either.

“When they sit outside…Sanju Samson for example: we wanted to play against him but for some reason we couldn’t. But I can put myself in their shoes and understand how they feel. As a cricketer it’s “It’s hard no matter what you say. You’re in the Indian team, but you don’t get a chance in the XI, so that’s difficult. At the end of the day I can say what I want, but it will be just words.” “It will still be hard for them to deal with. But if I can create a healthy environment, where the players can come and talk to me if they feel bad, or talk to the coach if I stay captain, I think it won’t be a problem. Because my nature is that I make sure everyone is together.”

Hardik also praised Mohammed Siraj who took the Player of the Match Award for his impressive bowling spell of 4 for 17 – the best speedster T20I bowling figures. The pace bowler used hard lengths to good effect to cause a collapse, with New Zealand losing their last eight wickets for just 30 runs.

“Siraj did exactly what I wanted from this wicket,” said the all-rounder. Hardik reaffirmed that under his leadership the team will play with determination.

“In T20 cricket you definitely get hit, somewhere along the line if you go on the defensive as a bowler you’re going to have good days, but at the same time you’re not having a good day, it’s literally going to haunt you” So for me, and for my bowling team, the plan is simple: let’s be aggressive. What’s going to happen? We will lose the game.”

“As I also said in the last game, it’s not about being aggressive, it’s not about going every ball for a wicket, it’s about your behaviour. It’s about your attitude, it’s about your body language. Moving forward, we will enforce this, we will be aggressive as a bowling unit and at the same time we will choose bowlers who can intimidate batters if necessary.

All three encounters were affected by rain. However, Hardik said the set-up will take many positives from the shortened series. Deepak Hooda’s bowling is certainly a tick and Hardik expects more hitters to turn their arm in the future.

“It was a short tour, but it was important. The way we played and dominated in the second game would give the team a lot of confidence in the future. There are certain things we need to do better in the future, I think. ” this was a step, we have time, but it started from here, whatever series we play from here, we will try to get better.

“It was simple, whatever it took for the team, like I needed a sixth bowling option, that thing has come into this tour. The way Deepak has bowled, when slowly the batters come in like that. Ultimately, in T20 cricket, even if the game isn’t going anywhere, you can dictate by using new bowlers and surprising the batsman.”

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