Top 5 haunted Minecraft maps to play this Halloween

Minecraft is a huge video game that can feel limited in content at times. Fortunately, players can create custom maps that can be downloaded for free by anyone. These can range from a fantastic role playing experience that drags you into an epic story to maps with hard-to-solve puzzles.

The only limitation of what one can do with Minecraft maps is their own imagination. The content created can be easily experienced with friends, and this article has a fantastic list of the best ghost maps to try out in Minecraft this Halloween.

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Scariest Spooky Minecraft Maps for This Halloween Season

5) Sinister Kidnapping

Sinister Abduction is a great Halloween map (Image via minecraftmaps)
Sinister Abduction is a great Halloween map (Image via minecraftmaps)

Download here

Fifth spot on the list is the Minecraft map Sinister Abduction. Although this creation comes in last, it’s still a fantastic choice. It is one of the best horror maps and offers multiplayer gameplay for those who want to enjoy the horror together with friends.

The premise of this map is that a player enters a mansion and must try to release four souls that are apparently trapped in it. To do this, gamers have to collect all the withered roses scattered around the house, which means making sure to check every corner.

4) Beware!

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Download here

Beware is an intense and awesome psychological horror map in Minecraft. It was shown in the video above by a very popular YouTuber by the name of VintageBeef, who has over 1.5 million subscribers.

The story begins with the player driving on a deserted road in the middle of a forest and suddenly a tree lands in the middle of the road and blocks their way. They decide to explore the nearby village and ask for help entering the first house, but strangely enough no one is there. The player looks around as they are about to leave the house, but the exit is gone.

3) Jack’s Death Course

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This next map is called Jack’s Deathcourse. Funnily enough, it was made by someone named Kuon. This also happens to be the name of a survival horror title developed by FromSoftware and released in 2004.

Kuon is a great ghost card that is just fantastic for Halloween time. It contains tons of mysteries and puzzles. You will have to participate in many trials during this death course to reach the end of this map.

Jack’s Deathcourse focuses on research elements, puzzles and much more. As a result, you are really forced to put your brain to the test with the fun series of challenges presented to you. The map also has a full story with plenty of dialogue and people to remember.

2) Last hour

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Final Hour is inspired by Puppet Combo, a game developer known for its retro low-poly survival horror games, inspired by 80s VHS horror slasher movies. This map requires the player to have Minecraft version 1.18.2 and has a number of presets that they can change — such as FOV, render distance, exposure, and more — to make the gaming experience as immersive as possible.

This map puts you in the shoes of a police officer who, after a long and stressful day, returns to the station late at night after everyone else has left. This lets you finish work on your own before going home. While you’re at the station, things start to feel very odd, almost like you’re being watched. You gradually begin to suspect that you may not be alone.

1) Temple of Terror

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Download here

The first on this list is a great Minecraft Halloween map. In it you must try to leave the temple of terrors. The goal involves collecting an offering and delivering it to the shrine, which imparts new power to all who see it. Players try to use every power to collect gifts and get out of this temple.

This is quite a long map so it provides checkpoints where the gamer can respawn. This prevents them from having to completely reboot the map when they die. In addition, the temple is carefully designed and contains many great tricks and puzzles. If this map interests you, check out the awesome trailer above.

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