TOP 10 Things to Do in CALIFORNIA | Travel Guide

In this, post well show you 10 best things to do in California And dont forget to like this video subscribe to our channel and enable notifications And share your California experience or suggestions in the comments below Here are our top ten picks


San, Diego San, Diego is known as one of the most laid-back cities in the US Sunny beaches, beautiful parks and warm climate offer a relaxing experience. Visit Balboa Park, which offers an array of art, galleries, museums and gardens, including the world-famous San Diego Zoo, Drive to the beautiful Coronado a peninsula connected to San Diego, with an impressive Coronado bridge or visit La Jolla Cove with amazing ocean views Charming downtown neighborhoods such as Little Italy or the historic Gaslamp Quarter offer great dining experience and endless nightlife possibilities. San Diego is also a great destination for history buffs. The first settlement in California is located in Old Town, San, Diego full of old-style buildings, authentic restaurants and museums. San Diego is the birthplace of naval aviation and houses USS Midway a decommissioned aircraft carrier, which is now a museum Check out our Top 10 San Diego travel guide for more information,


Imperial Sand Dunes Located on the border with Arizona and Mexico.California offers a very unique attraction: 45-mile long sand, dune field, Something you would expect to see in Sahara, not in North America right Imperial Sand Dunes, also called Algodones Dunes were formed by the sands of an ancient lake that, of course, doesnt exist anymore. Dunes can reach heights of 300 feet or more, creating an illusion of an endless landscape. The dunes are a popular spot for off-road enthusiasts and over one million people visit the dunes every year. You can simply drive through the dunes and stop at the Osborne or plan a camping expedition either way visiting the dunes is a one-of-a-kind experience. The Imperial Sand Dunes are also a common filming location for famous Hollywood movies, such as Star Wars, Return of the Jedi Dont.Miss the nearby Salton See a unique, shrinking saline lake, a popular vacation spot in the 50s and 60s, and now ghost town-like shoreline

Number 8

Palm Springs Palm Springs is a desert resort city located in Coachella Valley. It is known for its year-round, sunshine, boutique, hotels, festivals, great recreational possibilities and, of course, palm trees. The city became a popular gateway for Hollywood stars in the 1930s and later developed into one of the best vacation spots in California. Palm Springs is home to numerous luxury resorts, charming hotels and over 100 golf courses, and is often referred to as the golf capital of the world. Downtown Palm Springs will impress you with its mid-century modern architecture, impressive art, scene and great restaurants.Although you can expect to wait in line for a table for quite some time, especially over the weekends Did you know that in Palm Springs, there are over 50,000 pools more pools per capita than anywhere else in the US? Dont forget to also visit Palm Springs surroundings, including Palm Springs. Aerial, which is the worlds largest rotating tramcar, go to see the giant palm trees in beautiful Thousand Palm Oasis or take an interesting and unique windmill. Tour Palm Springs is also located close to the venue of world famous annual Coachella Festival.

Number 7

Orange County Orange County is a large metropolitan area located south of Los Angeles and a popular tourist destination, known for beautiful beaches, high-end shopping and dining and other attractions Disneyland.

The second most visited theme park in the world is located in Anaheim Orange County Some of the best places to visit in Orange County include Laguna Beach, Huntington, Beach and Newport Beach. All great places for surfing or spending a relaxing day at the beach Youll find many interesting and unique shops and restaurants in Orange County, such as handcrafted churros ice cream made by liquid nitrogen and many other places perfect for your next most-liked Instagram photo Check the description For the list of interesting places in OC, While Orange County is known for its relaxed atmosphere, it is also home to many Fortune. 500 companies


Los Angeles Los Angeles is the biggest city in California, known for good climate, ethnic diversity and, of course, the entertainment industry. Some of the best places in and around Los Angeles include the famous Santa Monica, Pier free-spirited Venice Beach Hollywood with Universal Studios, Beverly Hills with the worlds most expensive shopping. Street Rodeo Drive as well as downtown Los Angeles, with growing culinary scene and attraction such as OUE Skyspace LA a glass slide at the top of US Bank Tower Los Angeles is also home to over 800 museums and art galleries such as LACMA and the Getty Museum.

La has more museums per capita than any other city in the world. Los Angeles is spread out and known for its slow traffic. In fact, the average traveler experiences over 72 hours of traffic delays per year so be prepared to be stuck in traffic all the time. Speaking of roads did you know that the famous route 66 ends at Santa Monica Pier? If you have time you can also visit the nearby Channel Islands, a group of eight islands, just off the coast of Los Angeles Check out our Top 10 Los Angeles travel guide for more information.

Number 5:

Santa Barbara Santa Barbara is a glamorous town with beautiful Spanish-style 18-century architecture located on the coast about a two-hour drive from LA Apart from the regular activities typical for Californian seaside such as fine-dining, hiking, sunbathing and an array of other activities. Santa Barbara also offers a unique atmosphere on its vibrant streets resembling that of Italian coastal towns or the French Riviera No wonder it is often referred to as the American Riviera Most Santa Barbara attractions are conveniently located near each other, so you can easily explore the beautiful streets and amazing beaches of Santa Barbara on foot Visit Mission, Santa Barbara, a magnificent church built in 1820 or Sterns Wharf a pier with numerous restaurants, specialty shops, a Sea Center and Museum of natural history and, of course, amazing views of the beaches and nearby Santa Ynez Mountains.

Number 4

National Parks, California, is home to some of the most exceptional national parks and preserves in the US Joshua Tree national park, located on the crossroad of Mojave and Colorado desert features a surreal, geologic landscape and rich cultural history. Death Valley, one of the hottest places on earth, is located in the northern Mojave Desert. Dont miss the Badwater Basin, the lowest point in North America, with the elevation of 282 feet below sea level.

Mojave National Preserve is located between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. With breathtaking Kelso Dunes, Yosemite National Park is located in the Sierra Nevada mountains and offers amazing hikes through waterfalls, sequoia groves streams, meadows and beautiful, granite mountains. Redwood National Park is located on the coast of Northern California is home to worlds tallest trees. If you dont have the time to drive all the way to the North and want to see big trees, you can also visit Sequoia National Forrest located about 200 miles from Los Angeles If you plan to visit more than one National Park, make sure to collect your receipts and when youve spent over $ 80, you can redeem the receipts for the annual pass which you can use in all US National Parks. We created a Google map with some of the most fascinating outdoor places in California, Check the description


Pacific Coast Highway.

What better way to discover California than by taking a scenic drive on Pacific Coast Highway? Of course there are faster ways to travel from. One point to another in California, but Pacific Coast Highway also referred to as California State Route 1 offers an amazing journey covering anything from hidden beaches, full of seals and seagulls to amazing views at Big Sur, jagged, sea cliffs and other surprises. You can take the epic Highway One between San Francisco and Los Angeles, and stop at one of the following places: Big Sur and McWay Falls Ragged Point Elephant Seal Vista point and Hearst Castle. Of course there are other amazing attractions and hidden gems along Pacific Coast Highway.We created a Google map with additional suggestions check the description


San Francisco San Francisco is a cultural and financial center of Northern California. The city is located on a peninsula between the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay. San Francisco is known for Golden Gate bridge one of the best-known bridges in the world: steep rolling hills with old-style cable cars, Alcatraz island home to infamous Alcatraz prison, the largest Chinatown outside Asia and many other world-famous landmarks. Dont miss the nearby Silicon Valley, home to worlds largest, high-tech firms and a global innovation hub Check out our Top 10 San Francisco travel guide for more information.

Number 1

Napa Valley, Napa Valley, located about an hour drive from San Francisco, is one of the worlds premier wine regions, While massive wine production didnt start until the 1960s Napa is now home to over 400 wineries.

The experience goes far beyond wine, and Napa is a popular place for romantic escapes, amazing, culinary experiences concerts and, of course, wine tasting The reason Napa Valley is becoming even more popular in recent years is the abundance of exquisite accommodation and dining options and its proximity to San Francisco, making it easily accessible to worldwide and domestic travelers. Take the three-hour wine train a 36-mile round-trip journey from Downtown Napa to St. Helena and back or enjoy the birds-eye view of beautiful, rolling hills from a hot air balloon. You can also explore the nearby Sonoma Valley, another beautiful wine region, also known as the birthplace of California, wine industry, Do you have your favorite destination, or have you been to one of the places we presented in this video Share it in the comments below And dont forget to like this video subscribe to our channel and enable notifications so that we can keep bringing you more awesome? Content.

We hope you enjoyed our article about California. California is a state of mind. It’s where the dream of the golden paradise still comes true. It’s the place where summer never ends. It’s the place where you can live your fantasy and make it real. It’s the place where you can still have a good time and not be afraid to be yourself. It’s a place where you can have it all. We hope you’ll get the chance to visit California soon. Just remember, it’s not a place, it’s a state of mind.