Turn up the music- Best DJ controllers for beginners and professionals

DJ controllers for beginners and professionals

DJ controllers are an important tool for any DJ or music enthusiast. There are controllers not only for DJs with years of experience in the field, but also for those just starting a career or developing an interest. If you want to learn how to DJ and are looking for a suitable controller for beginners, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got some of the best and most popular DJ controllers for professionals and beginners alike. They have been chosen for their build, ease of use, features and ability to improve your DJing skills.

Here’s a list of the best DJ controllers you can buy.

1. Numark Party Mix II DJ controller with built-in light show, black

At the top of the list is this DJ controller from Numark. It is packed with features that will make sure you have a great time with it without any hassle. Some of the notable features include built-in DJ lights, ergonomically placed switches and 2-band EQ.


  • Connectivity – USB
  • Dimensions – 19.89 x 32.56 x 5.18 cm
  • Compatibility – PC, Mac and IOS
  • Software – Serato DJ Lite
Advantages Cons
Dual deck setup Slightly pricey
Built-in party lighting with 5 different modes
Also available with built-in speakers
It comes with a Serato DJ Lite software download card


Numark Party Mix II DJ controller with built-in light show, black




2. Pioneer DJ Smart DJ controller (DDJ-200)

Rock the party scene with the Pioneer DJ Controller by your side. This smart device is designed to make you a pro at DJing and have fun doing it. It has all the features you need and is also compatible with smartphones.


  • Connectivity – USB and Bluetooth
  • Size – 15 inches x 9 inches x 2 inches
  • Compatibility – Smartphones and PCs
  • Software – WeDJ free app
Advantages Cons
Clever design and features make using it a breeze for beginners The device is very basic and therefore not suitable for professionals
Smartphone compatible
Allows playing and mixing tracks from stored music or Beatport LINK, SoundCloud Go+ and Spotify
A lightweight and compact housing offers easy portability


Pioneer DJ Smart DJ controller (DDJ-200)


3. Hercules DJ Starter Pack | Starlight DJ controller

Get ready to set the dance floor on fire and hear screams of “Please, don’t stop the music!” with this Hercules DJ starter kit. If you’re a newbie and like to party, get this starter pack to be the star of the night. The kit includes a starlight DJ controller, speakers and headphones.


  • Connectivity – USB
  • Size – 54.9 x 28.7 x 27.2 cm
  • Compatibility – PC, Mac
  • Software – Serato DJ Lite
Advantages cons
Comes with pre-installed Serato DJ Lite software The device is only compatible with UK plugs
7 different modes for controlling the lighting
The speakers have a 7.6 cm woofer with dual bass and a clear stereo effect
Noise isolating headphones are gentle on the ears and deliver accurate sound
Super compact design makes it easy to use and carry


Hercules DJ Starter Pack | Starlight USB DJ controller with Serato DJ Lite software, 15 Watt monitor speakers and noise isolating headphones

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4. Numark DJ2GO2 2 Deck USB DJ Controller

Get even the reluctant person onto the dance floor with your effortless mixing on the Numark DJ Controller. Ultra-portable, it’s packed with features that will win you a fan at every gig.


  • Connectivity – USB
  • Size – 31.5 x 8.64 x 1.6 cm
  • Compatibility – Mac and PC
  • Software – Serato DJ Lite
Advantages Cons
Equipped with crossfader and 2 channels for professionals such as mixing songs Not compatible with smartphones
Built-in audio interface with 1/8-inch headphone output and 1/8-inch main output that allows you to connect to multiple devices
Includes MIDI mapping for use with other DJ apps


Numark DJ2GO2 Touch | Compact 2-deck USB DJ controller for Serato DJ with a mixer/crossfader, audio interface and touch-capacitive jog wheels


5. Hercules DJ P32 Pad MIDI controller

Are you looking for a unique device that allows you to mix and create music seamlessly? Your wait ends with this Hercules DJ MIDI Controller, a music remixer and producer. Use this to show off your DJ skills and get creative with your music productions.


  • Connectivity – USB
  • Size – 42.01 x 27 x 8.1 cm
  • Compatibility – PC, Mac, iPad
  • Software – DJUCED 40° 3.0
Advantages cons
4 channel audio interface The quality of the controller is not too great
Double-digit design offers easy use for beginners
The quantize function locks in the actions for perfectly synchronized playing and mixing


Hercules DJ P32 Pad MIDI Controller (Multicolor)




6. Hercules DJ universal DJ controller

Hey DJ, get ready to give your best performance on stage with this DJ controller from Hercules DJ. Aimed at beginners, this device is packed with features that will exceed your expectations and make you a favorite among your audience.


  • Connectivity -USB and Bluetooth
  • Size – 47.5 x 26.67 x 7.37 cm
  • Compatibility – Android, PC, iOS and Mac
  • Software – DJUCED
Advantages cons
Comes with 3 versatile connectivity modes No
Compact, stylish and lightweight design
The suite of features enables beginners to perform like a pro
The DJUCED Master app allows you to take song requests from the audience and view them on your connected device


Hercules DJ AMS-DJCONTROL-UNIVERSAL Dj controller, black




7. KORG KAOSS DJ controller

If you’ve struggled to get good at DJing, rejoice because you have the right device to take a step forward on your learning path. This little controller is a fun tool for mixing and playing music and getting the party started. Your audience will be thrilled.


  • Connectivity – USB
  • Size – 36.2 x 18.4 x 8.2 cm
  • Compatibility – PC
  • Software – Serato DJ Intro
Advantages Cons
Kaoss FX offers high quality mixes It is not pre-installed with the full version of the software
Deck with touchpad effect buttons
Stylish, small and lightweight design


KORG KAOSS DJ controller




Product Function 1 (built-in DJ light) Feature 2 Feature 3
Numark Party Mix II DJ controller Yes Large, touch sensitive 800 gr
Pioneer DJ Smart DJ controller (DDJ-200) no Large and ergonomic 160 gr
Hercules DJ Starter Pack | Starlight DJ controller no Small touch sensitive 400 gr
Numark DJ2GO2 DJ controller no Touch capacitive 350 gr
Hercules DJ P32 Pad MIDI controller no 32 responsive pads 372 gr
Hercules DJ UNIVERSAL dj controller no Pressure sensitive and capacitive 499 gr
KORG KAOSS DJ controller no Ergonomic 730 gr

Best value for money

The Numark DJ2GO2 DJ controller offers the best value for money with its features and efficient design. It has an ergonomically built deck with 2 touch capacitive jog wheels, crossfader, manual and automatic looping, cue points and more. It has an onboard audio interface with a 1/8 inch headphone output and 1/8 inch main output, making it easy to connect the controller to a PC, laptop and headphones. With its 2 channels you can mix songs like a pro. With its lightweight and portable design, you can take this controller with you wherever you go.

Best overall product

The Numark Party Mix II DJ controller shines in the best overall product category. This DJ controller is designed to turn beginners into pros at DJing, with features such as large touch-sensitive jog wheels, conveniently placed switches and buttons, and simple and high-quality Serato DJ Lite software. This is also one of the few DJ controllers on the list that comes with built-in party lights with 5 different lighting modes. It is easy to connect to devices using the supplied USB cable.

How do you find the perfect DJ controller?

Keep the points below in mind when looking for a DJ controller for yourself or as a gift for someone.

  • mixer section– The most crucial part of a DJ controller is the mixer section. Always check this section first when buying a DJ controller. A good mixer section contains 2 or 3-band EQ, trim control, separate crossfader, level meters, filter knobs, FX controls, etc.
  • Number of channels– The number of channels indicates how well you can transition from one song to another and mix multiple songs. Most DJ controllers have 2 channels, which is ideal. Most pros also use 2 channel controllers instead of 4, but it depends on your preference.
  • Software– Check whether the DJ controller comes with a fully upgraded version of the software provided. If it only comes with an intro version, it means you have to pay extra for the full version later on, which can be a hassle. Some of the most popular DJ controller software are Serato DJ and Rekordbox DJ.
  • Jog wheels– These are another essential part of a DJ controller. Look for medium to large touch-sensitive jog wheels for perfect scratching.
  • Increase competence– A good DJ controller, whether it’s for beginners or professionals, should grow your talent for DJing instead of keeping you stuck in the same place. To do this, look for controllers with an advanced feature set.

Price list

S.No Product Price
1. Numark Party Mix II DJ controller Rs. 12.018
2. Pioneer DJ Smart DJ controller (DDJ-200) Rs. 20,600
3. Hercules DJ starter pack Rs. 21,999
4. Numark DJ2GO2 DJ controller Rs. 8,000
5. Hercules DJ P32 Pad MIDI controller Rs. 16,999
6. Hercules DJ UNIVERSAL DJ controller Rs. 43,958
7. KORG KAOSS DJ controller Rs. 23,658

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