Kath and Kim

What Exactly is the Australian Sitcom Kath and Kim? Let’s Discuss It

Kath and Kim is a famous Australian sitcom which Gina Riley and Jane Turner gradually create. There is another essential caste in the sitcom as well; the storyline of this sitcom is very successful, and the audience and viewers love how the story is portrayed. The sitcom was initially released on the 16th of May 2002 and successfully continued until the 14th of October 2007. During this period, the sitcom consisted of four seasons with 32 episodes. Each episode was very successful and famous, giving the viewers ultimate attraction to the story. Let’s discuss further details regarding the sitcom and what made it so successful amongst the viewers.

Kath and Kim Premise

Premise and Plot of Kath and Kim

The plot of the Kath and Kim sitcom is based on the public life of an Australian individual Kath Knight and her child Kimberly. The story levels around these characters and the love interest of the lead character and her husband face difficulties in their family life, and the storyline follows the character’s daily life with personal struggles and achievements that nature makes. The story of the mother and daughter became famous because of the twist in which the report continued. Each of the four seasons of the series consisted of a storyline based on the mother and daughter, which was one of the significant reasons the series became successful. The storyline was exclusive.

Kath and Kim Characters

Characters and Cast of Kath and Kim

The cast of the Kath and Kim Sitcom has been very exclusive as the actors we have taken in the series were one of the best Australian actors of that generation, and they performed an exclusive job in the series. Jane Turner represented the main character of Kath Day-Knight. Gina Riley represented the second lead character of the sitcom Kim Craig. Magda Szubanski played the role of Sharon Strzelecki. Glenn Robbins represented the character of Kel Knight. Peter Rowsthorn represented the character of Brett Craig. These have been the major characters of the series. Apart from this, they have been recurring characters who have portrayed their roles very well.

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Kath and Kim Development

Development and Broadcasting of Kath and Kim

The Sitcom Kath and Kim development began in the 1990s during an Australian comedy series, and the characters’ scenes are performed together. The development of the Sitcom began during that situation itself. After that, the producers of the series decided to form a Sitcom show, and the broadcasting of the series started on the ABC networks Australia each Thursday at 8:30 p.m. The same episode adds on the seven networks each Sunday at 7.30 Pm. The series has been very successful because of its storyline, and the writing of the series also included a great knowledge of the writer, which attracted the attention of the viewers, and the film edition of the series was also made very well.

Kath and Kim Release

Release and Episodes of Kath and Kim

The Kath and Kim Sitcom was originally released on the ABC networks of Australia on the 16th of May 2002, and this particular sitcom continues till the 14th of October 2007. During this period, the series was renewed for four seasons, and a total of 32 episodes of the season were released, each consisting of 8 episodes. The series’ first three seasons were released on the ABC Networks, while the fourth edition was released on the Seven Networks. The series’ first edition was released on the 16th of May 2000, and the Second edition was released on the 18th of September. Three, the third edition of the Sitcom was released on the 7th of October 2004, while the 4th edition of the Sitcom was released on the 19th of August 2007.

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Kath and Kim Reviews

Critical Response and Reviews of Kath and Kim and its American Adaptation

The Kath and Kim Sitcom received very positive reviews not only from the viewers but also from the critics as this particular sitcom is one of the finest entertainment pieces of Australia and gathered a lot of audiences. The reviews provided on IMDb for the series have been 8.4 out of 10, which is very exclusive. The critics have also provided positive reviews to the series by reviewing the series to be decent for the viewers and have a lot of comical elements. Speaking about the American adaptation of the sitcom, it was also remade for the audiences of The United States of America, and they copied the Sitcom and released it on the NBC network.