Why Did “Aemond” The One-Eye Glance At “Daemon,” The Rogue Prince, In ‘House Of The Dragon’ Episode 8?

Sometimes it so happens that you judge your own worth by the caliber of your nemesis. Sometimes your greatest opponent becomes someone you look up to and despise at the same time. It’s a very strange and hazy space that we’re talking about, where two people recognize the conflict between them, but also derive pleasure and a sense of contentment from it. We saw the relationship between Daemon and Aemond as something similar in “House of the Dragon” Episode 8. Aemond had grown up to be an extremely nefarious and hateful man. He was always looking for ways to humiliate and look down on his cousins. It felt like he was triggering people on purpose so he could get into the fight. He feared nothing at all. He had no respect for anything in life. It felt like he just wanted to watch the world burn. His motives and intentions were so bad they could send shivers down the spine of any reasonable person. But no one is born that way. There were things that happened in his youth that shaped his personality. He wasn’t the same person anymore. The hardships of his life had changed him from within and it was only a matter of time before this loose cannon caused irreparable damage.

Big spoilers ahead

Aemond was the only one of all his cousins ​​who did not have a dragon. The other children teased him in their naivety and innocence. It was all just lighthearted fun until one day Aegon, Jacaerys, and Lucerys unknowingly crossed the line. They told Aemond that they had decided to get him one, because he was the only one without a dragon. They brought him a pig. Aemond felt insulted. A fire had been lit in him that day. He felt an incessant need to get a dragon, but he couldn’t. Alicent assured him that one day he would get his dragon, but that didn’t calm him much. He was laughed at. His declining self-confidence had reached a new low. His ego was badly bruised. Days passed, but the desire for a dragon remained unchanged. In the 7th episode from ‘House of the Dragon’, the whole family had gathered in Driftmark after the death of Laena Velaryon. Her dragon, Vhagar, was unclaimed at the time. Aemond saw this as an opportunity. He stood before the colossal beast. For a moment a petrified but determined Aemond looked him straight in the eye. Something changed in the wild beast and Aemond knew he had become a Dragon Rider.

Aemond’s progress was quite similar to Daemon’s. Daemon always aspired to be the Hand of the King. He also considered himself the heir to the Iron Throne. In the end he was banished from the kingdom by his own brother and got nothing that he had sought. In a fit of rage and to prove his point, Daemon took to the battle for the Stepstones. He defeated alone the crab feeder and the Triarchy. Both Aemond and Daemon had earned what they had been given in their lives. Yes, they had royal names, but they weren’t privileged enough to have things handed over to them. They had found their own way. They had both had terrible days. They were treated very badly by their own family. Perhaps that’s why they had both become quite ruthless in their approach. They no longer cared about the world. That same night, when Aemond had claimed Laena’s dragon, he got into a skirmish with Lucerys and Jacaerys Velaryon. That was the day he lost one eye and got his nickname: ‘Aemond The One-eye’. After that day, it had become his life’s mission not to let Rhaenyra’s son sit on the Iron Throne and ruin their lives. Perhaps this was one of the most crucial points that made a big difference between Daemon and Aemond. Daemon was driven by love and Aemond was driven by pure revenge. Aemond had no one like Rhaenyra in his life, whom he had fallen madly in love with. Perhaps the boy didn’t know how to love. He was not aware of the mere concept of loving another person. The two Targaryen princes may have had similar barbarian tendencies, but their motives were very different.

Aemond was in love with Daemon. We say it because of the way he looked at him in the 8th episode of “House of the Dragon” when Daemon chopped off Ser Vaemond Velaryon’s head. It was clear that he idolized him. Perhaps he aspired to be like him someday. There was awe, appreciation and a feeling that seemed a little more personal. viserys wanted to have supper with his whole family. A full family dinner wouldn’t have been complete without the patented Targaryen palace policy. Aemond was annoyed again when roast pork was served on the table, and Lucerys Velaryon couldn’t stop laughing at the memory of their childhood joke. Aemond thought of an old wound that still hadn’t healed. He made a sarcastic remark about Rhaenyra’s sons, questioning their legitimacy. He got into an argument with Lucerys and Jacaerys, and Aegon expressed his support for his younger brother. Daemon intervened in between and asked Rhaenyra’s sons to stop. He then stared at Aemond. The young Targaryen prince knew he had to submit to the authority of his idol. He left the scene, but the fire of revenge still burned within him.

According to the works of George RR Martin, “Fire and Blood”, this was not the end of this peculiar relationship. Daemon and Aemond will come face to face again. There was still a battle to be fought. In the coming civil war, dubbed the ‘Dance of the Dragons’, the two indomitable forces will meet again on the battlefield. The two antagonists will ride their dragons and try to defeat each other. Daemon was said to challenge his nemesis to fight. He waited patiently for 13 days for him to arrive, then stabbed him with his sword, the Dark Sister. Aemond died fighting on the battlefield. Although Daemon’s body was never found, people believed he succumbed to his injuries. It is very easy to choose between right and wrong, but if you have to choose between two wrong things, then the problem arises. The irony was that in this story, both forces had been corrupted. We don’t know who fought for the cause between Daemon and Aemond. We don’t know who was righteous and who was immoral. But they fought, and they fought with all their might. It was never about winning or losing, but about the pleasure they experienced just standing against each other. Neither could ever sit on the Iron Throne, but their rivalry became their legacy. They were the ultimate villains who charted their own course. They lived on their terms. They were not intimidated by death, but met their fate with their heads held high, like real Targaryens.

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